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Veronica - August 11

i am 8 or 9 days late for my period. i'm having several symptoms. i've taken 3 tests (Clear Blue, the digital kind). i took 1 the first day i was late (very late at night), the second the 4th day i was late (very late at night), and the third today, my 8th day late (first thing in the morning). i had intercourse 4 times between the 2nd and 7th of july, and my period was supposed to come the 13th or 14th. if i am pregnant, i am 15-20 days along. i know a lot of women got negatives even on their 6th week along, but were still pregnant. i just bought 2 ept tests and 3 first response tests. i am wondering which brand you women think work better? please help! thank you! :)


Kelly - July 23

If you find out please follow up! I have tried 1st Response, one day before I was due to start my period, and at 6 days late, both said negative, I also tried Fact Plus, at 3 days late, it also said negative! I Still don't know weather or not I'm PG!


Veronica - July 23

well it's a day later, and i didn't take a test today, but i will be taking one tomorrow morning. i will definitely follow up!


Cindy - July 24

If you are one is bound to come up +. I have had equal luck with both brands and I am on my 6th preg.


Aimee - August 11

I took 3 ept tests with negative results, but late tonight I took a first response for the first time which came up positive. i'm currently 21 days late, my last ept was on the 17th day (first thing in the morning), so I'm not sure if it's because the first response was better or that it took this long for a positive result for some other reason.


brucen - August 11

The walmart store brand Equate works just as well if not better than the brand names mentioned. In many cases, you get two of them for the price of one brand name.


Kim - August 11

I agree with the WalMart brand. It became positive with a sensitivity of 100 earlier than the First Response which is supposed to have a sensitivity of 25. Go with the cheap one, if you're pregnant, it will show up eventually.


shelby - June 17

how late is late? my period was supposed to start on 06/11/05 and it is now six days late. I had a d&c in dec 05 and I don't want to get my hopes up?


Vivian - June 17

Shelby- Well...I couldn't tell you about being late cuz my cycle has never been normal...I usually get my period every 4-6 weeks....so i dont know if I'm 3 weeks/2 days late or 1 week/2 days late. I also had a D&C Dec 14th. I was so disappointed. I kept thinking that maybe I could have done something to pervent it from happening, but I couldn't have. I had something called a Chemical Pregnancy. I know how you feel...I dont want to get my hopes up either. I took a HPT(1st Response) last Sunday morning and it was negative but I still don't have my period. I don't know what's going on...=/


shelby - June 23

I took a test on the 06/21 and it came up positive. I have an appt. on 07/06 I am excited but trying not to get my hopes that high yet. I took a first response test and the second line showed up immediately, I would recommend this test to try


Tara - June 23

Shelby - have you been trying to get pregnant since your D&C? Have your cycles been regular since the first one after the surgery? I'm curious because I had to have a D&C in March, had my first cycle 7 weeks later and my cycles seems to be a week later every month. I've been trying to get pregnant again and it's very frustrating. I'm afraid that I won't be able to again.


shelby - June 26

tara, we havn't really been trying just not trying not to. my priod was every 28 days starting in feb. in jan it was still light bleeding but not a period I thought there was something wrong with me. I understand that it is frustrating that you are doing everything you can to get pregnant but when it is time it will happen. if you got pregnant once you can get pregnant again. i've read that if you have one miscarriage your chances of having another one get slimmer, as well as a lot of women get pregnant again around the same time that their first wouldv'e been due. read up on pregnancy after miscarriage it might give you some more answers.


Camryn - July 1

Hey Ladies...I'm really confused. My period started June 15th and lasted until the 20th. I began to cramp and spot on the 27th and decided for no special reason to take a HPT which was positive. I took another one in the AM on the 28th which was also positive. My doctor told me to come in the urine was positive; however, she performed a v____al ultrasound and was unable to see anything. The first hcg was 669; 48 hours later it dropped to 262. Dr called yesterday and said that it was probably a chemical pregnancy and I should wait for 2 normal cycles before ttc again. Shouldn't there be some type of a f/u examination?! Hubby and I have a 5 yr old and finally decided to try again, so this of course is frustrating.


Priscilla - July 4

I took "First Response" Pregnancy test and it show one pink line. I didnt get an instructions because my friend gave it to me with no instructions. So i wanted to know, does the one pink line tells me that i pregnant?


Tara - July 4

One pink line is a negative. 2 pink lines is a positive pregnancy test.


Tara - July 30

Yesterday I took 1st response test and it was negative. (My period isn't due until Aug. 2nd) So today I took 1st Response again and I though I saw an extremely faint line. I immediately bought EPT and took it and got a big, clear positive right away! I'm so, so happy. I miscarried my first child in March.


Chas - July 31

Congrats Tara!! You got a positive pretty early. I too tested yesterday I got a negative... although Af has still not shown... Maybe I should re-test ! Maybe I'll wait until tomorrow.



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