Equate Pregnancy Evap Lines

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cat1920 - June 25

I was wondering if anyone used an equate pregnancy test (purple cap) and had evaporation lines? I took one yesterday and i checked it after about an hour and it had a very faint vertical line.. i'm going to test again tomorrow but i was wondering if any of you ladies had this experience and it was still positive later?


callie2008 - June 25

ooohh i was just going to ask the same thing!!!!!!!cat have you re-tested yet? keep me posted plz!! i too took an equate, have been for a few days. i am 11 dpo today. the one i took this morning had a line on it after the alotted time. way after. but it is there and the other ones never got an evap.


cat1920 - June 25

i am testing tomorrow morning!! 2 days after my first test.. its crazy how i keep lookin at it hoping its a positive lol.. im not quite sure which DPO i am.. some where from 8-10 i'm guessing.. lol


mommamare - June 26

Hello ladies, I used the Dollar Tree brand but got a similar result as you. I took 5 of these tests (yes, I'm addicted) on different days and one of the tests had an evap. line the next day. None of the others developed one. I read this can happen sometimes and that is why your not suppose to read the results after the alotted time, but I am gonna try again in a couple days using a different brand! Best of luck to you all:)


callie2008 - June 26

hey girls! well, i took another equate............BFN :( the only thing i can keep up hope is to know that i didnt test with fmu. but, i think i am grasping at straws here. i hope you girls have better luck than i did. baby dust to you both!!


lillybug - June 27

Hey girls! I don't trust or like equate test- everytime i used them i got evap lines on them before the 10 minutes wait time. Cat190--- after test mintes u shouldn't read results because almost all test have evap lines on them after ten minutes. you have to read the results between 3-10 minutes after peeing on the stick. First Response is the only brand I have ever used that never gave me evap lines even after the ten minutes. I would look at it after hours and hours and still no evap line on it. And the dollar test are great too!!!! But you get evaps on them after ten minutes so just don't read the test after 10 minutes, good luck and tell us how you make out girl!


Brenna - June 27

I just took an equate test this evening and I got a strong positive pretty much as soon as I took the test,period wasn't due till tomorrow,we were not expecting it at all,but we are really happy!


mommamare - June 27

Update....I decided to test with First Response and got a BFN...and my AF arrived today:( I have looked and taken apart the First Response tests and they haven't left any evap. lines. If there is a clear or silver looking line in the test after the alotted time, it is an evaporation line...why they make tests that would even hint at this, is beyond me, but maybe one reason these little buggers show up is because most all women have a certain amount of HcG in there system, usually below 5. Positive pregnancy is 5 and above. Hope this was a little informative....good luck to all of you!


cat1920 - June 28

To all ladies: I took another equate test on Thursday with FMU.. after about 45 minutes (i know i know) it clearly had two lines (and clearly they were both PINK) So, silly me, i thought it meant i was pregnant even though it was waaayy past the time limit.. Well, i got a urine test today and it was negative.. they said i just tested too early.. i am only about 9DPO. Soooo.. i don't recommend EQUATE purple cap tests to anyone.. the two i took did have evap lines.. and one of them was a pink evap line.. very misleading.. So, i am going to test again on my expected period due date (the 3rd) and see what happens.. As hard as it might be, we have to refrain from digging through the trash and taking a second look.. time limit only ladies :) I learned that the hard way.. But this month could be the month for any of us, so very sticky sticky sticky baby dust to you all!! I will keep you updated!


Brenna - June 28

I took another Equate test this morning,and it was an even stronger positive than before.I had an evaporation line with a first Response test one time,The cheap tests do work,with my daughter I used a first Response the first time but only got a faint line,so the next day I used a Foodland brand which is pretty much identical to the equate and it was positive.



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