Evap Line Or Positive

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shellabella - October 22

Ok here is what's going on. I took a test this morning when I first woke up. I looked at the test after maybe 2 minutes and it was negative. By the way it was just a cheap grocery store brand one step test. I took the test with me, set it on the counter, made my coffee and my kids a bowl of cereal and then re checked the test. Now I KNOW that evap lines happen after the 10 minutes goes by. And it had been 20 minutes or so since i had taken the test, but when I picked it back up there was a thin VERY blue line where the positive line should be. It was VERY thin and bright bright blue! So an hour or so later I took another test and it was negative. But that also wasn't my morning pee either. My last period was from sep 23-30 and dh and I had unprotected s_x on Oct 8th which would have been prime ovulation time for me (not charting but i pretty much know). What do you all think? Evap line, or positive? I'm taking another test in the morning so I guess we shall see, but I'm curious as to what you all think? :)


vanessaurias89 - October 22

I am in the same situation as you. I last had my period on the 22ND it ended on the 26TH of September, I had unprotected s_x on the 14th with my husband. Now I took a test because I am anxious on the 20TH, it came out to be negative, I figured it just might be a little early because its only been six days, and then I took one on the 21st and I had that faint line that meant positive. But I think I waited like five mins, and disregarded it for a couple of hours. ....Tomorrow morning I am going to take another test. I am hoping I am pregnant. my mother just recently had a baby of her own an she said with my sister she just took one test and let it sit for a while, and that was the same test that determined her pregnancy, it read a faint line so she went to the doctors and it was confirmed. So its hard to tell if its just a waterproof sign or a true pregnancy,??? I am in the same boat as you girl. Similar periods and unprotected s_x around the same time. Keep posting Im curious as well


shellabella - October 22

vanessaurias89, I'll definitely let you know!!! :)


buffy2297 - October 23

Hi girls I had a very faint line that appeared hours after I'd tested I was only 8dpo and put it down to evap line, on 9dpo I had the faintest line you could barely see it that came after about 10 mins, at 10dpo again had a faint line but it was darker than the previous day and came within the 3mins. I've also tested when I've not been pregnant and none of the tests have had an evap line and been completely negative I still got one from 2 months ago and there is still no evap line. So take from that what you will but hope it helps., Keep us updated with your progress!!


Krissy68 - October 23

buffy2297 - Congratulation. What cd and dpo are you? I am currently cd 23 and either 9 or 10 dpo. Yesterday I was cd 22 and either 8 or 9 dpo and my temp was 98.67 and I used a opk test as a hpt and I got a bfp I did this at work once I got home I found a $ store hpt and I took it and I got a very very faint test line not really sure what to think. So today cd 23 9 or 10dpo and my temp went way down to 98.26 could this be implantation dip. Anyway I took another opk this morning and again I got bfp I don't have any more hpt I will pick up some tomorrow. Have anyone used a opk as a hpt? I will keep you posted. I hope my temp go back up. Krissy68


vanessaurias89 - October 24

whats and opt?


buffy2297 - October 24

OPK means ovulation predictor kit. Krissy-I'm CD 29 and 17dpo and have a 26 day cycle. I had a dip on 9dpo to 98.6 I'm now back to 99.0. so it could be a drop! See what you are tomorrow. Fingers crossed for you.


Krissy68 - October 24

buffy2297 - How are you doing? Here is my little update. I am currently cd 24 11dpo and my temp did go up from yesterday 98.26 to 98.39 so could I consider yesterday as my implantation dip? I still haven't retested with a hpt I will buy some when I get off work but I did have another opk and I tested and got 2 lines again but it isn't as dark as the other 2. Talk to you soon. Krissy68


buffy2297 - October 25

Hi Well had a big dip again today 98.6 but took it an hour before my normal time just woke up early for some reason. Still no symptoms, tired, urninating alot and got sluggish bowels but that's it. Feel normal, which is worrying. Having had two miscarriages prior to my daughter I can't help but worry. I don't feel as positive as I did with my daughter I just new that it was gonna be ok. I guess it's because happened to easy. First month if trying and I got my BFP. Well I guess only time will tell. I'm so desperate to tell people as well but my husband won't even let me tell my mum. So got nobody to talk to really. Gonna pay for an early scan at 8 weeks. Don't care how much it cost I just need that piece of mind. I've got a left over opk but it's digital so not sure it works to same as the lines one. so probably not worth me seeing if it gives me a smiley face. Let us know when you test. Hope you get your BFP.


buffy2297 - October 25

Well how surprised am I? I decided to use the OPK and see the result and was really shocked to get a smiley face!!! Can you really use OPK as a pregnancy test? I really don't get it!!



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