Evaporation Lines

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amanda - November 11

What do evaporation lines look like? would they have the same blue color to them as a positive line?? im confused about them. if ya'll girls can help me out id appreciate it. thanks all


hi amanda - November 11

i have heard that evaporation lines are more grey than pink, hope this helps.


amanda - November 11

Well when i took the test last week it first said Neg then like 10 minutes later is had a really faint line that was Pos and it was blue, but it was only like half the line, it was really thin? that why im wondering what evaporation lines are like. thanks for ur answer :)


luvbb - November 11

Oh my God the same thing happened to me today. I'm not sure what to think. I have had two periods but they were both early very short and brown + no cramps hardly, very unbusual for me. I hope someone answers!! Good luck 2 u!


amanda - November 12

hey Luvbb...same here. i had 2 periods, both 3 days adn they were mostly brown, no cramps, but i have back pains. if anyone has an explanation then PLEASE answer lol. thanks all


luvbb - November 12

so glad I'm not alone! Did u use the clearblue easy test? I'm starting to think I'm just crazy. I wish something would tell me for sure, or my body would go back to normal!


amanda - November 12

No i used the EPT test. im goin to the doc at 11:45am today so ill post tha results when i get back


amanda - November 12

I went to the doc today, urine test said Neg. i go back friday the 19th for another test, she thinks it may still be too early, although what would explain the faint pos sign i had last week??


luvbb - November 13

Oh no! I don't even know what to tell you, I'm in the same boat. They told me on the phone a blue line was a pos. no matter how faint or thin! I'm scared to go to the doc, just for that reason. Good luck!!


Beth - November 19

I used the clear blue easy test and here's what happened. Nov. 1 I began lactating. Went to the doctor on the 8th. It was milk but because my last period was on Oct. 20 they did a pregnancy test. It was negative. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby with no success for 2 years. Well yesterday I was sick all day and I had this feeling that I was pregnant and Took the clear blue easy. My positive result showed up very quickly but not real dark. I called my doctor today. I have an infertility appt. on the 29th. I might not need that.lol. They said the blood test could have been too early. Also about the clear blue easy test any result read after 10 min. in inaccurate. My husband took one one day just messing around and after 10 min it showed 2 lines. You have to read it after 2 minutes.


jackie - November 19

hi beth, i am pleased somebody else has confirmed that evaporation lines do happen. there are certain people on this site who says that 2 lines mean positive, yes it does when read in the time limit, but the results should not be read after 10 minutes.


amanda - November 19

i fully agree with you Jackie. the 2nd line on my test (i took the EPT) ended up being a evap. line. so NO 2 lines does not ALWAYS mean pos. u gotta read it within the time limit. i do go back to the doc today tho to confirm it. i went lsat friday and it said Neg. so she just wants to make sure. :)


E - November 19

Amanda - So let us know when you really know if it was an evaporation line. I think m and I have clarified before that the line needs to be pinkish, not blue or grey.


Jennifer - December 16

I am so confused. I took an HPT and no line showed up after 3 minutes, got mad, went to clip my nails, came back in about 10 minutes and there was a faint pink line. Test says not to read after 5 min. Are evap lines always colorless? Could I really be pg? I have a beta tomorrow, so if it's neg, I'll have proof evap lines exist. I hope not! Got the test off the internet at early-pregnancy-tests.com. Anyone else try these?


connie - December 16

Hi Amanda, Confused and rightly so!! :) Evaporation lines are a pain in the you know what!! Evaporation lines are typically more on the grey side, yet they can collect some of the color (whether it be blue, pink, etc.) The best way to know if it is an evaporation line or a true faint positive is to keep track of when you looked at the test. You should not read a result after ten minutes on most tests. But on the Fact Plus Select for instance, it says not to read the result after 20min. So, you should really read all the info. on the tests insert. In my experience, I know that if I start to see that line develop right away or at least before or at 5 min. or so, I a__sume it is a true faint positive. If a test sits for a few hours, or overnight, most of them will develop that dreaded evaporation line, that we al wish was a + result, unfortunatley they are not!! I have seen them all unfortunately too :( In my opinion, the best and most reliable test (early) is the Clearblue Easy and the Accu-clear (measures at 50miU's but tends to show a faint postive result at slightly lower levels - I found that out through personal experience and also read it somewhere) I had a blood test in March that was at an hcg level of only 30, but the Accu-clear was + . Unfortunately, I had yet another chemical pregnancy or very early miscarriage. That little egg just didn't want to stay attached. We had been preparing to adopt from Ukraine since July of 2003 and left in April 2004 to return home in May with our 22 mos. old baby boy. He will be 2yrs. 6mos on Monday. Though we aren't actively trying, we don't not try either. In fact, I am waiting to take another Clearblue easy and Accu-clear next week. I had a Clearblue come up definitely faintly ++ in 1 min yesterday, so...... we'll see!! You know what they say, once you adopt and are happy and the pressure is off, that is when it happens! I hope I have helped you out. If you have anymore questions, come back!!


T - December 20

hmm interesting. Well i have taken the new choice, dollar store, and ive had 4 very faint positives.. but also,,i got 7negatives when i tested early on. So basically what im saying is that u can still have very faint positives even after the 10min wait and still be pregnant!!!!! Even if the test says 2min wait or 5,, ,Im living proof.


Stacey - May 7

I took 2 New Choice tests yesterday & 2 this morning. ALL 4 times, I have a faint line. When I look at them with normal/low light, you can see them easily. But if I hold it next to the window where there is more light, the color is gone! Could these be evap. lines? AF is due within 2 days, but we are trying to conceive. TIA!



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