Evaporation Lines

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julianna - March 7

I took a test in the morning on Saturday. It came out negative but then when i went back during the day there was a clear line(forming a +). I showed my sister and she said the same thing happened to her when she was pregnant and that it was probably that my HCG was not strong enough since I would only be a month along. Well, to test it out we went to go get two more tests; she did one and i did another. Again mine turned +after 2 hours and her nothing. Is it possible that I might be pregnant?


Melissa - March 7

I have been having the same problems. I wasnt sure if it was an evaporation line or if it were really a line. I have done experiments with tests as well. Mine was the only one with a positive. I had a very faint line barely visible and 15 minutes late a big fat line. I recommend retesting. I have retestes and retested. I know they are expensive. I am gonna wait it out and see what happens. good luck to you and keep me posted.


julianna - March 9

Does anybody have any idea why this might be happening? I went to the doctor yesterday and he said my urine pregnancy test at the office was doubtful because it had only changed color slightly. So he had blood work done on me. I have to wait 2 days now. Are blood tests always accurate?


jacky - March 9

it says on the directions on the ones that I have taken say not inturprate the result after 10 mins... so I dont know. The best thing to do is to go to a docotor and get a blood test.. then you wont hae to worry any more! good luck you guys!


pop - March 22



Julie - April 11

Julianna did you find out if your pregnant or not? because the same thing happened to me and i am almost 99% sure that i am pregnant. i really hope you will come back and see this i am so confused


colleen - April 12

this is an evaporation line. when the test dries usually a line shows up where a positive line would have been. if the result was read after 10 minutes, it is not reliable. If you are truly pregnant, you will get a big fat positive that you will not have to question eventually. How late are you?


Milissa - April 12

colleen not always true.. I 'm pregnant and I have faint +'s I have taken new chioce test from dollar tree( tons) and e.p.t +/- and now equate all the same faint positive that does not show till 10 to 15 mins after... the only way it is an evaporation line is if there is no color or grayish. when you put it in light it go's away. go to peeonastick.com


Julie - April 12

Melissa thanks so much for posting have you taken a test from the doctor or anything yet? how far are you?


Beth - May 6

Is it possible to have evaporation lines on 6 tests (colored faint lines after 30 min) of different brands and not be prengant? Which brands are most prone to these lines?



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