Everyones Earliest Bfp

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georgiad - February 16

When was the earliest you tested and got a bfp?? I'll be testing 10 dpo on the 21st. Anyone get an earlier result earlier than that??


lillio - February 18

I tested 8 dpo and got a faint line (used dollar tree brand). I lost the baby last september and trying again!


DownbutnotOUT - February 19

i got a faint faint + barely there at 9 dpo and a BFP + at 11 dpo, both on a dollar tree test. I am currently 24 weeks and 1 day preggers and the wee one is doing terrific!


SaraH - February 20

Got a very very faint (had to look in really bright light to see it and wasn't even sure it was real at the time) at 8 dpo. Got a definite bfp at 10dpo.


georgiad - February 20

Congrats to you all! I tested yesterday (7dpo) It was negative! I'm goint to try again in a few days!


proudmommy - February 21

I got my bfp 7 dpo. It was faint but definite. my ds is 5 months old!


sososleepy - February 21

bfn at 6dpo... considering hiding the other tests somewhere like behind the fridge so I can't get to them easily in the am's to come


jaimmy - February 21

what is bfp and dpo?


DownbutnotOUT - February 21

bfp= Big fat Positive bfn= Big fat negative dpo= days Past Ovulation cd= calender day(s)


DownbutnotOUT - February 21

sososleepy lol I remember getting DH to hide the tests as well. 7 dpo might be just to eary to test georgiad im hoping you and sleepy get a bfp this month :)


sososleepy - February 24

Lol Down, couldn't handle it. I hid the expensive ones and got the dollar tree tests... tested 6, 7, 8, and today 9 dpo. All negative. Temps still holding steady. Will try again tomorrow. Feel like af's gonna visit but hoping anyway.


DownbutnotOUT - February 24

Well Javidgirl felt the same way she swore af was comming and she got her BFP! Soso sleepy dont give up until the bit** shows her evil self but im praying she stays away from you :)


angelgabby84 - February 27

Hi georgiad! Its been a while since weve heard from you!! Did you test again Hope it was good news!


georgiad - February 27

Hey! I've been so busy! Yes I tested again and got a bfp! I went in for my first appointment today and found out I'm due October 31st! Halloween baby! I'm so excited! Saturday I was so sure af was on the way! Luckily my doctor said its very normal to feel that way! How did everyones testing go this month???


sososleepy - February 28

Congrats georgiad!!!! I'm still testing, 13 dpo ( I think, see it went up, down a tiny bit, then up more, so could be 11 dpo if 2nd up was O), have tested since 6dpo, all bfn's, but no af yet so?? I don't think so because I feel like af will begin any second, but no temp drop yet so???


jenjerbre - March 1

I tested with the first response early result and had a + with an hcg of 7!! I was suprised, because you didn't even have to hold it to the light (i've had to do that in the past!). I don't know how may days past ovulation because i had a tubal ligation 11 months ago! There was no need for me to keep track anymore ( I thought!!)!!


DownbutnotOUT - March 1

Yay congrads georgia have a great 9 months. jenjerbre congrads to you as well!



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