Excuse Me But I Just Bought FIRST RESPONSE TEST

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shareexperiences - October 11

I was hoping that some one out there, can share there stories about taking the First Response, Early Hormone Pregnancy Test. I just went to the pharmacy and bought a box of this brand. I am gong to make sure that i use it early in the morning( because right now, i do not have to use the restroom) and i was just wondering if it is a good brand? Are the answers that come out from first response more accurate then the rest of the tests out there? Just wondering because i have herd plenty of good things with this brand, but then again, allot of girls are diff when it comes to this. SO i hope that someone out there, can explain there experience when finding out pregnant by using First Response!


leonia - October 11

i used them plenty of times.yes they are pretty good.i got a + 4 days before AF was due at 3pm.so thats not too shabby .it can detect hcg as low as 6.9 in reports from CNN .don't know how true that is,but they worked great for me.good luck :)


owner to post - October 11

To Leonia, thank you very much for sharing your experience with me. I guess, due to all my stress and anxiety about the testing, i have not really built up enough ruin as i would of liked to take a test, so i am going to take it early in the morning tomorrow. Believe it or not, i am gong to be going on two months pregnancy if i am in fact pregnant. So it is amazing that it has tooken me this long to receive a good brand of preg test. I took the cheap ones a couple weeks ago, that didn't help me any. Just left me more confused then anything. But i am glad that i have someone that is positive about this brand of pregnancy tests. Wish me the best of luck when taking it tomorrow morning. Maybe i will take it on my third trip to the restroom as i take plenty of trips to go to potty in the middle of the night.


OWNER TO POST - October 12

Well, i took the test and it came back negitive. I am about mmmmm three weeks late so i am unsure of what is going on. This month, if i do not receieve my period, then something is really going worng, so keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best. Is it normal to be going almost around two months preg( at the end of the month) and still hpt come back negitive? Hmm its so much of a wonder.


leonia - October 13

it's possible,i knew a woman who had 5kids never once tested positive on a pregnancy test.i think thats rare though.if you miss another period you might want to see a doctor to find out what's up.wish you luck .


Erin - October 17

To post owner, How did the cheap tests leave you confused? They shouldn't be any more confusing (and in some cases they're actually MORE reliable) than the FRER. I just want to warn you that FRER has been having trouble with "disappearing positives" lately and any positive result should still be positive 48 hours later. If it's not, it has to be considered negative. A lot of the ladies on my message board are avoiding FRER because of this. Good luck to you though!!


MeM - October 18

I took a first response and I got a very faint line, I thought that it was negative, I went and bought another brand it was def. positive. Now i'm 15 weeks pregnant :) but I dont' recommend first response


Isa - October 18

I used First Response 2 days before AF was due and got a faint line and again on the day it was due and got another faint line but a bit stronger. Both were in the afternoon. Go to peeonastick.com and you will see pictures of positive results on First Response. I don't know if it's as good as the others but I was so impatient that I bought that brand. Good Luck.



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