Extremely Faint Positives

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stephanie - March 29

Ya, Im really confuesed to Im having the same problem, I have normal periods been off pills for 1 year. Im wanting a baby really bad. I was supposed to start the 23rd in march but no period I still have no period as of today, well yesterday I took a prego test in afternoon, when i peed on it I sat and watched well there was a line that you could see but it was like clear, with no die on it only there was dye around it. well, when I cheacked 2 minutes later there was die on the line in the result window only it was a thin strip with pink coloring, barley noticable tho u could see it at reading level. well, today I took another one step pregnancy test strip (the one in the purpule box) and it was like almost completly neg. It still had a line with one minute but it was thin and had no coloring. Whats this mean?


ashley - March 29



Angie - April 11

I am also about a week late. I have taken 4 tests (the same exact brand you took - Answer Early & First Response). I took one the very first day I missed my period. It was negative. I took the next one three days later. It was a faint positive, but positive non-the-less. I took two more the following two mornings (the last was this morning) they were both faint positives. However, today I started spotting so I moved up my ob appointment to today. Now, get this, the result of the urine test in the office was negative. I was ordered bloodwork, but I am totally freaking out that I'm not pregnant or something is wrong. Worst of all my husband convinced me it was okay to tell everyone...which we did yesterday afternoon. Fate has a cruel way of putting you in your place. I am supposed to get the results tomorrow...everyone who sees this please pray for me...I hope I am pregnant and that the baby is okay!


michelle - April 12

This is a response to Angie, I will pray for you as I am in the same predicament. Had two positive early response tests, with faint lines. I had a previous ectopic which was a positive blood test but neg hpt. Now I am worried that because the lines were faint I may be having another ectopic. We too told the entire family. I'll be thinking of you!


Jessica - April 12

Ive been feeling sick for 3 weeks now. I threw up at 4 in the morning. My period was 2 days late but then i started. It was really light and short. I had already taken 3 test, all negative. So then i took an EPT. There was a faint positive, so i made an appt. The pee test was negative, so they did blood work. I got the results today it was a NO!, I havent cried this hard in awhile. But i still feel sick, have a horrible head ache, and totally feel different. Has this happend to anyone else? Were you pregnant in the end? or were the docs right.


[email protected] - April 25

I took a First response early today and got very faint line, two people verified they saw it as well, however it evaporated after about 20 minutes. How did yours turn out?:


katie - July 13

I have polycyctic ovarian syndrome and I get my period 3 to 4 times a yr. So basically I never know when Im ovulating to get pregnant and when I have symptoms of pregnancy I don't know when to test b/c I don't have a reg perid to go off of, so I think I am but i took 2 tests and I see BARELY a very very faint glow in both of them! So what does this mean, I have tender nipples, and am very tired! HELP!


Tanya - July 16

Geez...who knew that I am not the only freak of nature who tests weirdly on HPTs!!!??? I thought I was pregnant about 6 weeks ago, but all the tests came up negative. Went to the doc, she said "negatory." Had an ultrasound, another "negatory." So okay...the two days I had of spotting in June was really my period I guess. Ok then....I go on with my life. So the other day, I'm out of town and I have little, tiny spots of blood - not to mention that my b___sts have been killing me for weeks. And oh, I've been exhausted! So for kicks, I pick up a HPT (Top Care brand, generic of EPT supposedly). I take it Tuesday evening - light line shows up. Whoa! I take the second test the next morning - light line shows up. Hmmm. On my way out of town, I pick up another box, and upon arriving back at home, I take one - light line shows up. Late that night, before bed, I take the other one - light line. Went to WalMart, bought a box of Equate brand and a box of Answer - all 4 have had a light line. So I've had 8 with light lines over the past 4 days, and I wasn't even late until today. So I'm pretty convinced at this point, and my advice would be that if anyone has a light line, try at least one other brand. If they all concur, then surely you're preggers!


anni - July 17

in response to jessica, and anyone else....when i was pregnant with my daughter i just had an overwhelming feeling that i was. after i was late, i took a hpt and it was neg. but, i made a doctors apt and he said "no, you're not. you just want to be.." i still felt that i was. so i waited a while and went to another doctor who did an exam and i was. i know that time is not the answer we are comfortable with, but sometimes it is the best one. i too have taken three different tests in the past two days. all have faint positives. i will take my own advice and wait a week.


Kaite - July 17

I took 8 tests and they keep showing lighter postive lines, and the funny thing is, you have to stare at them to find the line. I have a very irregular periods so I have no idea if Im early or late. I get my period 3 top 4 times a yr. I have been very tired, my nipples were very tender all week but aren't anymore! What is going on!!! My husband and I are very frustrated.Again the positive lines are barely there it seems but there is something!


Kaylee - July 18

Same thing happened to me only, I'm on the birth control shot depo provera.. I dont get my period!! The picky eating started to occur and I took three home pregnancy tests, everyone had one line very dark, and one very, very faint. I doubted it for a few days until I went to the doctor.


Kathleen - July 19

I'm stuck with faint results as well. My period is due this week, but I've really been feeling odd lately. So I took a home pregnancy test. Faint positive. So I went to the doctor an hour later. She had me take TWO urine tests. She also got two faint positives. The next day I got two more faint positives at home. Anyone care to reasure me???????? We're trying for our first!!!!!


JESSICA - July 27



Anna - August 1

I took two tests yesterday and I got faint positives. I took one just now and it was even more faint. I thought I was going crazy but my husband also saw the lines. I used an ept test. I just don't know what to make of all of this.


Michele - August 2

I took a First Response last night, faint positive, this morning another faint positive, My b___sts are enlarged, tender, and I have a strange fluttering inmy abdomen...almost thought it was an UTI at first but doesn't hurt when I pee. I am soooo confused. Last month I was over a week late on my period then got it for one day extremly heavy and this month I am later again? Please...someone tell me what test gives the most accurate readings?


Sherry M. of KY - August 5

I have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) which means I ovulate maybe 8 or 9 times a year. When I should be shedding my egg, the egg turns into tiney cysts on my ovaries. C___ppy I know! Since I've been married (Married Dec. 2003), I have taken like 20 home prego tests before I knew I had PCOS. Plus my gyno said that I had like a 40% - 50% of conceiving. And we have been really careful about him not.. ahem...you know.. in me during s_x. The last 3 or 4 months he has c** in me maybe 3 times. Well, my last period was May 20. It is now August 5. So on August 4 at 4:30AM I took 1 hpt. I laid it down on the counter and came back a couple of hours later, It showed a really faint line. I took another at 4PM the same day and it was negative. I took another test this morning at 7AM and it had the same very very faint positive line going on. I bought all 3 tests at Sav*A*Lot grocery stores for $1.00 each. I used to buy the exspensive brands until my gyno told me that it didn't make a difference and that they all had the same test levels. I called my gyno today and I am going for a blood test tomorrow morning. I really didn't want to get pregnant now and thought that I probably wouldn't get prego, but since yesterday, I've had my hopes up!!!! Any advice here???



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