Extremely Faint Positives

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Sherry M. of KY - August 5

I have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) which means I ovulate maybe 8 or 9 times a year. When I should be shedding my egg, the egg turns into tiney cysts on my ovaries. C___ppy I know! Since I've been married (Married Dec. 2003), I have taken like 20 home prego tests before I knew I had PCOS. Plus my gyno said that I had like a 40% - 50% of conceiving. And we have been really careful about him not.. ahem...you know.. in me during s_x. The last 3 or 4 months he has c** in me maybe 3 times. Well, my last period was May 20. It is now August 5. So on August 4 at 4:30AM I took 1 hpt. I laid it down on the counter and came back a couple of hours later, It showed a really faint line. I took another at 4PM the same day and it was negative. I took another test this morning at 7AM and it had the same very very faint positive line going on. I bought all 3 tests at Sav*A*Lot grocery stores for $1.00 each. I used to buy the exspensive brands until my gyno told me that it didn't make a difference and that they all had the same test levels. I called my gyno today and I am going for a blood test tomorrow morning. I really didn't want to get pregnant now and thought that I probably wouldn't get prego, but since yesterday, I've had my hopes up!!!! Any advice here???


Sarah - March 27

I think I may be preggo,but I am not sure.I have taken a total of 5 hpts and on the last two I noticed a very faint and light line,I am wondering if no matter how light or dark the line is if it is wrong?They were two different brands,and I took them about 3 days apart.Anyone got any ideas?


christajanes - October 28

I am a few days late for my period as well, and i tested later in the day using first response and got two lines, but one was barely visible unless under bright light. Also, i took two more tests clearblue digital test and both came out positive. however, i went to the clinic for a urine test in between tests and it came out negative. any thoughts?


breebuh - August 22

I don't want to be freaking out here, but I've just had the biggest feeling of being pregnant for about three weeks now. I would have conceived on the 21st of july, i got my period on the 27th about, it was abnormal. my period started out really light for two days, then a bit heavier the third day, and then lighter the next three days. I just took a pregnancy test, keep in mind it's night time, i just ate and drank, and I see the faintest line ever where it says i'm pregnant. like the faintest line i've ever seen. it's the 22nd of august, so it would be just over 4 weeks as far as conception goes. when i hold the test up to my ceiling light it's almost like a blur of color, but it's so faint! i'm gonna retake one tomorrow morning and then another one next week. but what are your guys' thoughts?


LRizek - March 29

This EXACT same thing is happening with me. And this is my 5th pregnancy, so i know the ropes. My first 3 were healthy pregnancies, and i had a miscarriage with my 4th, but always got a definitive positive or negative. This has been extremely faint lines on multiple tests after the 3-5 minute window expires, but the lines have colors, so not evap lines! So confused. AF not due for 2 days so we will see!!!



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