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Tina - April 27

I was just wondering if I took a fact plus test with the +/- and didn't see a + the first 10 min could I consider it -. I took one of these test a couple days ago and ran across it tonight and I noticed that it had turned to a positive result. I have taken several test this week and all have been neg. I have gotten my period yet and it has been 10 days. I have some symptoms of pregnancy. I already have 2 kids and I tested positive with both of them fairly early. Just wondering what your thoughts were on this.


Liberty - April 27

Usually the directions say not to read results after 10 minutes, so I'd say it was a negative. BUT sometimes it takes a long time to register the hcg if it is low, so I would retest in a few days with first morning urine. Good luck!


Tina - April 27



Faith - April 28

A lot of people I know have said that Fact Plus takes a long time to register. With my first pregnancy I took a hpt and got a positive right away. I made a dr. appt and they used Fact Plus. (took it out of the box and used it right in front of me) She waited the time frame and told me it was negative. Later she glanced at it again and it had a slight positive. She was confused so dr did an exam and said I was definetley pregnant!


Amy - May 4

I used fact plus yesterday morning, haven't had period in two months (i would be 8 weeks pregnant), all signs of pregnancy, at 10 minutes past the test showed posotive...what do you think? i just have a feeling that i am pregnant.


Courtney - June 3

Not sure...i took a Fact Plus test today and got a single vertical blue line on the control side and a blue cross on the result side. It didn't match anything on the Fact Plus website so I called the service line and she said it sounded like a Clear Blue test - but I'm sure it was a Fact Plus because I still have the packaging. She said it sounded like a positive on a Clear Blue even though I'm sure I used the Fact Plus test - the cross showed in 10 seconds!


natasha kempt - June 19

i took the test.. an my bf said he could see the plus.. i couldnt.. an then the next day it showed up very lighty


Jessica - September 26

My lines are blue and one is horizontal and one is vertical... ??? I threw away the box last test.. oops... no instructions and the ones online say pink lines and do not dicern if it is negative.. pretty sure but just wondering.,..



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