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Elle - July 7

Hi - I have taken a total of SIX pregnancy tests over the past four days and all of them are showing a very faint positive result. If the HCG levels are supposed to double every day, why aren't the lines getting progressively darker? Could this mean a possible chemical pregnancy? I've had three mc and just don't want to get my hopes up. Has this happened to anyone? Any thoughts? Thanks so much.


Mica - July 7

Try not to worry. Even though it seems like it, you really can't rely on a darkening line to mean an increase in hCG. Just get a blood test done to see if your hCG is normal for your gestation. Look up pee on a stick . com. It is very helpful. best to you!


Elle - July 7

Thanks, Mica. I appreciate the info, and for answering my other posts as well! You can probably tell that I'm a little freaked out about this happening all over again (last mc was a blighted ovem). Since you are so knowledgable, I'm only 3 days overdue for AF. With my prior history, do you think the doctor will see me any sooner than the standard six to nine weeks? Thanks a million!


Mica - July 9

I don't know that a doc will see you any sooner than normal (because if an early loss is happening there isn't anything to be done). However, you probably don't need to actually see the doc just yet. Call and ask the nurse to order a blood hCG. They shouldn't have any problem doing that for you esp. with your history. Then you can see if you count is normal for the gestation. Further, it should double every 2 days. Repeat the blood test 2 days later to see. Then you should feel re-a__sured. Also, make your appointment with the doc ASAP so that you don't have to wait any longer than neccesary to get in. You have your BFP, and that's all you need to schedule your first OB appt! best to you and your little one! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!


Star - July 9

I just wanted you to know that i had 3 VERY faint pos tests. I WAS pregnant but queried why it wasnt getting darker. My midwife told me that it may just be the test, some tests just dont show a dark line, but if the line is there you are definately pregnant. I also asked what the chances of it being a false pos, she told me that you cannot get a false pos unless you are taking medication with hcg in it. I hope this helps. Good luck x


j. - July 9

First Response seems really bad when it comes to faint lines. If you get faint lines, you could always test with another brand. Personally I've always thought Clearblue is pretty good, or EPT. Some ladies get clear, strong positives with them, when their lines came out weak with FR. But don't buy the digital ones, because all they do is tell you that you currently have enough HcG in your blood to register positive. You can't see anything darkening with those tests, and it isn't necessarily a good thing.


Mica - July 12

Elle, any news???


Elle - July 12

Thanks everyone for responding!! Mica, how are you? I did another test which is still faintly positive. I called my doctor as I should be 4w5d now and even with my prior history, he does not want to see me until I'm 8-10 weeks along. Doesn't even want to test my hcg levels or progesterone. What do you think about THAT?! He seems to think that women are too obsessed with their numbers. I guess I"m supposed to wait around to see if I miscarry or something. The last time, I had a blighted ovum and didn't even know it until I went in at 9 weeks. IMHO, this could have been avoided much sooner, and saved me a lot of stress and anxiety. I HATE THIS WAITING GAME! Hope you are doing better than I am!! Hugs to you.


Mica - July 12

Elle, I think thats 'stupid'. Of course, we ladies worry about the numbers, esp. when you've had losses in the past! Just go to a walk-in clinic and ask for a quantative (not qualitive) blood test. If they'll do it, I wouldn't mention that you've allready asked your regular doctor. I bet they'll do it no problem. It'll probably make you feel better. By the way, can you get a new doctor? It makes such a difference to have a doctor you feel confindence in especially now. best to you, and take care! (Don't forget that now is the time that pre-natal vitamins are SO important)


Mica - July 15

Elle, how is everything? Are you feeling that pregnancy-fatigue? Hopefully you're able to relax, and be happy you're pregant; it's so difficult not to worry when you're preganant. best to you!


Elle - July 15

Hi Mica, thanks for checking in! Not much new here - I'm supposedly 5w1d pregnant now and not a single symptom. I did have one occurrence of bright red spotting followed by dark brown, and now just menstrual like cramps. No fatigue, no b___st soreness/tenderness, nothing. I'm still trying to muster up the courage to go to a walk-in facility like you suggested. I haven't really "embraced" this pregnancy like I probably should, based on my history. Too scary. I feel like it's happening all over again. What's happening with you?


Mica - July 16

What you say makes sense. It's probably very difficult for you; what you're feeling is normal, I'm sure. Don't let yourself feel guilty about any of that. Just try to take good care of yourself! CONGRATULATIONS!! ------As for me, I am not currently ttc; hopefully someday not to distant future. DH and I use birth control. My best friend is pregnant now, though. She is only about a week more than you. She too is having af-like cramps. She said the other night they were quite bad, and scarred her. The RN at her OB/GYN office told her that it may be normal, and to just make sure she is getting plenty of sleep and fluids. She got on WIC. If your income qualifies you for that I recommend you get on it too. They, not only help her out with expenses, but have given her all kinds of imformation and support. There are resourses available! With your little bit of red bleeding, though, have you callled your doctor? Maybe that would be enough to check your blood level. I bet having that done would re-a__sure you. Besides you really want to keep an eye on any red bleeding. (sometimes it's nothing more than the cervix being so easily irritated when pregant. S_x can cause some slight spotting because the cervix is full of extra blood and bleeds easily). Oh and I've heard lots of women not having any symptoms until later in the first trimester, or really not at all until big and pregnant. Take good care! And once again CONGRATULATIONS!


Mica - July 22

Hello Ellle--I was wondering if you have any news. How is everything going?


Mica - July 26

Elle, I am sorry; I hope I'm not bugging you. I was just wondering how everything is going with you!


Elle - July 28

Hi Mica. Thanks for your concern - you are not bothering me. Hmm, let's see....I made an appt with a new OB for 8/4 at which time I will be 8 wks along. They had no interest in seeing me any sooner, even with my past history. I started getting heinous morning sickness last week which lasted for a few days. Now my symptoms seem to have vanished, just like the last time. Yesterday I started feeling contraction-like cramps, just like when I had the last m/c. Still feeling them today. Waiting for something to happen but there has been no more spotting. Today my back aches really bad. I feel like a walking disaster! I'm just trying to hang in there until my appt next Thursday. I have a feeling it's the same thing again which is fine really, as horrible as that sounds. I could never embrace this pregnancy anyway, especially after three consecutive losses. DH will be very, very upset because he really wants it. Bad. Just for the day, I would like to forget that I'm pregnant. **Sigh.** I hope your friend is doing fine with her pregnancy and all goes well for her. I will keep you informed and updated on my craziness. Take good care and have fun ttc!!! Talk to you soon.


Mica - July 30

Elle, I feel concern for you. It must be nearly impossible to feel positive when it feels like you only loose pregnancies. Yes, I think this one may be different--REALLY! No bleeding is a very good sign! Check out the forums on here about cramping very early on; it seems to be quite common and normal. Please call your new doctor's office, give the RN your updates and history and request a blood test. I can't imagine them saying no! I really think this will help with peace of mind. Hang in there! Feel free to vent here; I don't blame you for what you seem to be feeling at all. It's understandable. BEST TO YOU AND YOUR LITTLE ONE!


Mica - August 3

Elle, I am wondering how everything is going with you.



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