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amapolitamomma - December 22

I tested today and got a very-very faint line, my husband couldn't even see it. I should be around 10 dpo. Could this mean I could be pregnant, or does the line have to be darker?


Ashy - December 22

it could mean that you are pregnant. i keep having the same thing. i have had a faint line since 9dpo. my dh and close friend saw the line appear with me within 1 min. However you should try to wait until atleast the day that you are supposed to get af to fully determine. or you could go and get a blood test at your dr office. good luck....


sm - December 24

can go either way, i have spent a fortune on hpts this month (never ever will i buy first response again) and got very faint positive (could be evaporation line) on 10, 13 dpo ( tried every day, infact on day 11 and 12dpo got clear negatives). 14dpo got a more expensive brand and strong line straight away.... thank you god!!!! you just have to keep buying them until you get the result you want or af arrives, and going to the doctors office is ok but they generally don't want to test before af is due anyway... guess the moral is dont test early if you can resist it.


Linette - December 24

Hey, girls! I just found out that I am pregnant and I got a real faint line the third time I tested. I actually tested 4 days before I started (I know--kinda stupid), it was neg, then I tested 2 days before AF, got a negative--then I tested the day I was supposed to get AF. It came up a very faint positive. So faint that I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I took it to my husband and he said he barely saw it as well. So then I took one the next day and again a very faint line. Well, we knew I was pregnant but wanted to get a more finite answer so I went to the doc and got a confirmation. A very faint line means you ARE pregnant. You do not have HCG in your urine unless you are pregnant. I actually pried my pregnancy test apart to look at the test strip full on. I mean, sometimes those "windows" that you see the test results in are so small. So, anyway, I pried it apart the first time I saw the faint line b/c I thought I could get a better look and the test result was off center. Well, the line was definitely easier to see.



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