Faint Line Could I Be Pregnant

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anya - May 2

I am due today. No AF so far. I tested with $store brand ones last Friday, and got -ve. Saturday evening I accidentally saw the HPT I took on Friday. It had a light 2nd line. So, I took the test yesterday morning, and got the same faint line. From the postings on this site, I came to know that it could be a +ve or a wrong -ve. Please suggest! Am I pregnant or not?


Lillian - May 2

I have this same question....mine was a faint -....any help would be greatly appreciated


nee - nee - May 2

i took to prenancy tests and both of th em said i was not pregnant, its like a can feel a lil baby move but i dont know its like my stomach feels like it be popin like popcorn or something


Kris - May 2

If you get the line after looking at it the next day, that can be what's called a ghost line or evaporation line. I've gotten them especially with the Walmart equate tests. If you get a line within the time frame in directions (usually 3-10 minutes), no matter how light the line is, it's a positive. I've had both things happen to me.


Christine - May 2

Yes. My line was so faint I almost thought I was seeing things... turns out I am pregnant. Just make sure to read the test within the alloted time. If a faint line shows up 20 minutes later then it's probably an "evaporation line". Good luck!


kelly - May 2

ooh...what if it fades after the allotted time though? Is it an evaporation line then too? Mine showed up within 3 minutes, and then after about 5, faded away. I haven't been able to find a real clear explanation for this, any speculation??


Christine - May 3

Mine didn't fade so I don't know... I did take another test that is digital...it either says "pregnant or not pregnant"... mine said pregnant. so try that one if you're unsure. good luck!


Kristen - May 6

My "positives" have faded away, too--after about 10 minutes ("Answer Early Result"... anyone?). Of course, I have had some pretty stark negatives in between, too. Here's what I think: Pregnancy test manufacturers are in on a ma__sive conspiracy: Create cheap, inconsistent tests which drive women absolutely crazy, so that they will go out and buy box after box of their products. Makes sense, huh? Okay--I'm only half joking, but what if they threw in a handful of "duds" now and then--just to keep us guessing? I mean, why else would they tell you to test and retest either way, + or -? Clearly, they have no faith themselves in their own products. And when in doubt, test, and retest... You get the picture: BUY MORE TESTS. (Obviously, I got a negative again this morning.) So, if I am not pregnant then I may need to see a shrink--or at least the opthalmologist! UGH!!


superbadchick - May 7

I like how you think Kristen...lol. I should own stock in pregnancy tests right now.


Shella - May 7

I think I have the "PERFECT" solution for this, ummm buy a digital monitor test, that says "pregnant or "not pregnant.I'm taking one tonight (clearblue easy) Ive been holding my pee pee for about an hour. I took an E.P.T and it showed the faintest line you could possible see I really had to stare, but there definately was a line!


CA - May 8

Is it possible for an evaportation line to form during the first 5 minutes? Or should I take that as a positive? I've never gotten any line before, but I'm using a new brand (CVS) now. Thanks!


Amy De - May 9

I've had some faint lines on prior pregnancy tests, so I would retest the next day, etc. and it would get darker as my HCG levels went up. I've had 2 kids, and am pregnant (5wks) now with third, and the positive lines on the tests I used (EPT and First Response) have NEVER evaporated. (Yes, I kept them, to put in baby keepsake trunk with baby book.) I usually tried testing even before missing my period, I couldn't wait, and the first positive would be sooooo faint, you really might think you were imagining it, except that the manufacturer instructions were pretty clear. A positive is a positive is a positive, but still....that's why I tried the ClearBlue Easy digital, it tells you "pregnant" or "not pregnant", no lines or pluses or colors to decipher. Much less stress!


Krystal - May 9

I'm now 19 weeks pregnant, and I had a faint line, but it showed up very quickly- the sooner you take a pg test, I think the lighter the line is, but if it's there at all, I would say you are. Good luck!



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