Faint Line On Pregancy Test

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Mary - September 5

I took two pregnancy tests that are the sensitive ones and both came up positive with a medium to line lines. I took one test each day. I have missed my period and have nausea, cramps, tender br___ts and am always hungry. I am 4 wks and 1 day along... and I'm scared my hcg is low and it could be a chemical pregnancy... This is my first baby! I go to the doctor in two wks... Any thoughts?


Lisa - August 6

I had exactly the same result, faint lines, but am now 10 weeks pregnant and all going well.


Kim - August 6

Doesn't sound like anything is wrong. Some women don't even get faint lines until two weeks after their missed period.


hopeful husband - August 13

My wife and I are at first attempts at a child, my wife is 3 days into missing her period. She has taken 4 home preg tests, all diff brands. Each one shows positive result, but 2 are quite faded/faint line, 1 was pretty vibrant, and the EPT is very faint, but can still see a line. She got a call from Dr. on a blood test she gave 2 weeks ago, for something else, but called them and asked "can u check to see if I am pregnant too" they called back and said negative on the blood. So whats the deal?? is she pregnant or not? Help we are goin crazy here (not really but had to sound like a crazy web person) thanks


caren - September 4

I took three pregnancy test at home one line came out very dark the other very faint. I whent to the doctor he took a test one line very dark the other very faint. he also took blood I don't know the result of that yet. this does not maen that ther is anything wrong? or that it is a tube pregancy? I didnt have faint line with my first. Im very worried .should I be?


jaa - September 5

home pregnancy tests measure the amount of hcg in your urine, which is the hormone you begin producing when you're pregnant. Some tests are more or less sensitive than others. I tested on the day my period was due and the day after with First Response early result and the lines were faint but there. I am now 12 wks. Any pregnancy test I've ever seen states clearly that even a faint line is a positive result. The only way any line, faint or not, would show up is if hcg were present which is only present when you're pregnant. Plus, most "chemical pregnancies" don't cause you to miss your period. They happen and then for whatever reason they don't stick and you get your period at the normal time. Plus the symptoms you've listed are very typical early pregnancy symptoms. So congrats! Sounds like you're pregnant girlfriend! Best of luck with everything.


Thialand Dan - September 21

Thanks jaa, I had the same question and your post explained alot! The instructions were in Thai and I saw a faint line four days after her missed period. Now she is 8 days late and we thought the test results were negative. You made my day!


Marn - February 6

My last period was december 20. I am now 2 weeks late, I took a pregnancy test a week and a half ago at a clinic and my result was negative I took an at home test tonight and the posotive result was light so Im sure im definately pregnant. What do you all think? is any type of posotive result true even if its faded??


steph - February 15

if u dont leave your test long enough is it possible it will look negative but actuallu be positve


i rose - February 17

i missed p.m.s 3 months took home pregancy test 3 time could thay be wrong?


had it happen to me - February 17

I took a sensitive pregnancy test the day i missed my period and one line was faint and the other dark. I didnt really pay much attention to the faint line until I read that even if there is just the faintest of lines it still found the pregnancy hormone in you urine and you are most likley pregnant. And now here i am raising a 19 month old!! Sometimes they are wrong and only your doctor can tell. but good luck!


Megan - March 27

can you get pregancy if u were on the shot not that long and have intercourse while you were on you period can u still get pregancy


joanne - August 18

hello there i have just read ur message i took a pregnancy test yesterday but not due on a period till sat and i have had a postive result i had a misscarrige 4 months ago so now i am thinking is this true am i


Wondering - August 21

Hello, Ok I'm not happy with the results I got today and here's what happened. I took at pregnancy test by Equate and the hortzitional line is dark and the vertical line is light but is visiable which to me looks like a plus sign and the control window is horzitional as well. I don't know what to do take another one in the morning or go with what it said and a__sume I'm pregnant? Any help would be great!


Lynn - August 23

hi, Im a week later for my period but my result are negative. I've been told that it's more accurate to check 2 weeks later. Is it true?


Marek - August 23

My line on my test was faint aswell...what is a chemical pregnacy?


Anne Marie - August 23

I work at a doctor's clinic in the lab. We use the same preg tests for urine and serum (from blood). I took home a test to check my urine to see if I am pregnant. There was a faint positive line, and if I was at work, we would definately say "this girl's pregnant". But I heard from an OB nurse that depending on the time of month you test you can get false positives. Is there really a certain time of the month that you can test positive and not really be pregnant?



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