Faint Line On Pregnancy Test

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Cheryl - February 20

My LMP was Jan 28/05. My periods last 4 days and my cycles are 24 days long. I have taken three First Response Early Pregnancy Test and all three have a faint positive line. The line that indicates the test work properly is a dark pink, but the the results line is very faint. This is the first cycle my husband and I TTC. Do you think I'm pregnant.


sam - February 20

i know how you feel, i have done 3 first response tests and all said positive but with very faint line. my period is 3 days late. do you have any symptoms? i dont and im still unsure if i actually am preg. im going to wait another few days and do another test


LIndsey - February 20

Cheryl and Sam, I would say that both of you are pregnant. It doesn't matter how 'faint' the line is as long as you read the results within the timeframe of the directions, you are pregnant! Congrats to both of you!!!!!


TO SAM/ CHERYL - February 20



Melissa - February 22

I recieved a faint positive and was actually not pregnant so it doesn't always mean that your pregnant.


JL - February 23

A faint line means that the HCG level is low, but still high enough to be detected. It could be that you are testing to early, or it could be a chemical pregnancy. Unfortunately I have experienced both scenarios. I had a chem pregnancy three years ago, then had a full term pregnancy, then another chemical pregnancy last month, and then just tested this month (actually today) and got the faint pink line. Keep your fingers crossed that this pregnancy is a keeper!


Jennifer - February 23

I am 2 weeks late and have taken several tests and all were negative except for today there was a very faint line, what should I think?


Response to Lena - February 23

Lena, not all tests are accurate. And how dare you put people down for having legitimate questions?! If you don't want to hear people's questions, then what are comming to this forum for?


JL - March 1

Cheryl, what ended up happening? My faint positive turned into a negative the following day, and the AF arrived. Bummer.


mari - March 2

It's possible to get very faint lines on the FR test. During my last cycle I tested several times and got about 3 faint lines, then got my period within a couple days. This morning I took a FR test and got a slightly darker line, but still faint. My next period is due in 3 days. I don't want to get my hopes up again!


cynthia - March 2

i am having the similar problem i tested and there was a faint positive line but then later that night i started bleeding however it was a pinkish colored blood not dark red some people say this is implantation bleeding what do u women think? i need help please :)


bev - March 2



$$$$$$$$ - March 2

are you ladies reading the results within the time you are meant to read them or are you going back every 15 minutes to check the results. You must read within the time frame after that the test is void. When you wee on the stick or dip it in a cup you will get a accurate result within the time frame, after that the wee that has been stored for so long on the stick it will or could give a false positive result called an evaporation line, read the instructions and read results within a couple of minutes.


JL - March 2

My faint positive line was within 3 minutes, like the instructions said. But then the next day with the followup test, I got a negative. Then a few days later AF came. I think I had another chemical pregnancy. It would be my third one, but the only one I have not confirmed with my doc.


Curious - March 6

What if you get a faint positive within the three minutes, and then you check a few minutes later and it's disappeared? It says that a positive should last for a while...


bump - March 8

anyone got any info on that last question?


Lynsay - March 8

A positive test result last between 24 to 48 hours, it shouldn't disappear and it shouldn't be that faint, I had the same thing happen if you want to know for sure get a BT. The line that goes from side to side is the test line a positive line that goes up and down should be as dark as the line running side to side.



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