Faint Line On Results

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amberwhat - June 1

i was late on my period, on the 4th day being late i started spotting brown. this only lasted about 10 minutes and it had stopped. i went out and took a first response test that day and it came back positive. i am only 18 so i was nervous and had taken another one the day after to see if it was true and this one came back with a very faint line. what does this mean?


Teddyfinch - June 1

it means you are pregnant but there is only a small amount of the pregnancy hormone in your system. for some ladies it can take a while to show up stronger. what you might do is give it a few days and then take another test because the hormone level should double every 48-72 hours so you would get a much stronger line in a few days. and THEEEN if it's still positive, make yourself an appointment to get a blood test done and go from there. were you trying to get preggy? if not i totally envy you for being so derned fertile lol. it'll be alright. what's done is done and all. good luck and let us know what you do.


GermanChocolate22 - June 15

Every woman is different. I will shed some personal experience your way just to give you examples on what is possible. At this point everything is a c___p shoot...lol. I am 22 and became pregnant about 16months ago. I had a very bad choice in the man that was the father so I termed my pregnancy. I cry to this day about the responsible yet horrible decision I made. I now have tried to conceive with my partner now, and I have been taking PG tests out the yang! All the same brand... evaporation lines right now is something I just heard of....but it's a coin toss. Some tests tell you to disregard the results in 5-10 minutes tho, I have heard MANY stories that say they had faint lines and were VERY pregnant and have the kids to prove it! They say if the test sits past a certain time that it's void. I have just received a positive test and the line is very bold and all the other tests that I took many days before when it was too early to get my pregnancy confirmed still read negative. I mean I guess if you took a microscope and searched you may find a faint line but let's be somewhat normal people here! LOL I then drank lots of fluids the same night and took an EPT digital test and it showed negative.... and the strip has a very faint line as well......at this point I am scheduling a "quantative" blood test which can determine your levels of HCG. I beleive that if it's faint or not it's a positive results no matter the time....hope this helped in some way.... God bless ya and good luck.



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