Faint Lines On A Pregnancy Test

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Renee - February 16

I would like to know if anyone has ever taken a home pregnancy test and had faint lines show up and the 800 number people tell you it is positive because you followed the instructions correctly, but then went to the Dr. office to get a test done and it come out negative? I couldn't get in to see the Dr. but they let me come in to take the test. Does this mean the preg. tests i did at home wasn't accurate? All four of my preg. home test all had faint lines. I am confused.


------- - February 16

well, the pee tests at the dr office arent all that more accu.rate than the home pregnancy tests. so if you used a realy good test at home, its possible to still be pregnant. i would insist on taking a blood test. because its way more accurate than their pee tests. i would act as if you are prgenant because if you feel like you are and have had 4 positive tests than trust in it.


............ - February 17

any line is postive.


Renee - February 17

Thank Ya'll. I am going to the Dr. next Wednesday and i will get him to let me take a blood test. My other problem is i have Fibromyalgia and i have to take multilple meds in order to keep my symptoms away. should i quit taking my meds until i know for sure if am prenant? O how i wish i could see the DR. right now to see if i really am or not. I have went from being really happy to feeling so down about all of this. I really want to know.


Renee - February 24

Well,i went to the Dr today and the urine test came out positive. The Dr. said that someone must have not done something right in the office for it to be negative because today i had a dark positive line. So if anyone takes any home pregnancy test even if it comes out with fainted lines you are definetly pregnant. I am seven weeks and due in October!!!


Jenn - February 24

Congrats Renee! I'm going in within the next two days since I keep getting faint lines within the time limit. Your post gives me more hope! :D


bonnie - February 25

done two tests and both have faint lines . done a doctors test and i get the results on tues. so scared that its all in my head and that it will come back negative . been trying for ages and will be crushed if it does .


L - March 18

i also have taken two tests with faint lines. I had my husband look to see if the line was in my head..... but he saw it too. I am so frusterated and afraid it may be a "chemical pregancy" we have been trying for a year and a half with one miscarriage during that time. I feel like it will never really happen to me. But staying hopeful


anonymous - March 22

I too keep getting faint lines. I would have thought that as more time goes by the line would get darker, but all my tests have a faint line and I took them 36 hours apart from each other. Any one have any advise?


anneliese - March 24

hi everyone I haven't posted here for a while cos i got too sick of waiting to get pregnant. However, I am 3 days late now and have done 3 tests, all with a faint, but definite line. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much, I just wish it would get darker NOW! anyone else waiting for a darker line? Has anyone ever had a faint line then NOT been pregnant? let me know what happens!


Rainey - May 23

I just took a pregnancy test today and got a faint line, we have been trying for a while now, i am scared to get excited i dont want to be disapointed! i didn't think i would ever get pregnant. i am going to take another tomorrow, i have been having pregnancy symptoms but i still am very hesitant wether i am pregnant or not.


lisa - August 15

I took my first response test today and I am four days late on my period. I had two lines and one was faint. I compared it to a new test to see if you can see any lines in an untaken test and I could'nt do you guys think I'm pregnant?


MeM - August 15

Lisa I as well took the first response test and recieved a very faint line. I then took a different kind of test and it was positive...I still have to go to the dr. to confirm it but my guess is that you're pregnant as well.



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