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Samara - January 16

Ok so we've been ttc for a month & now I have some symptoms, I bought some First Response tests today. I know I'm supposed to wait, but couldn't. I know that i should wait a few more days & test 1st thing in the morning (af was due yesterday or today). I have cramps, which seem a little different then my usual cramps & I'm not bleeding at all. The test I took this afternoon came back with a very faint positive... do you think I'm preggo? God I hope so!


marylynn78 - January 17

i think you are because that happened to me last year. i had a very faint positive sign and it is happening to me again. i don't get my period till the 20th but i went ahead and tested a little early and it was a dark pink line with a faint pink line. so i am totally sure that we are pregnant. going to take this test again during the week. good luck


Samara - January 19

CONGRATS! I took 3 tests over the weekend. All came back positive. WOO HOO. I called my doctor & told them, I have an appointment on Feb 6th. Its 7 weeks since the 1st day of my last menstrual cycle. Keep in touch!


juchiaro - January 19

Hi, I am new at this... what should I do to post a new posting? I couldn't figure it out. But anyways... I had a faint positive this morning and my doctor had me go in for a blood test. I tested positive but the nurse told me to go back on Thursday because my HCG level was 20, which is low. I had an IUI two weeks ago and so because of the way they calculate weeks of pregnancy, this should be week 4? But anyways... I was discouraged by the news. On Thursday they will check to see if the level has doubled or something... My b___sts are tender and I am urinating all the time... I feel pregnant... I wanted to be happy and celebrate this but I am scared and anxious thinking, but what if this doesn't stick?


Krissy68 - January 22

marylynn 78 - Samara and juchiaro - I wanted to say to all three of you congratulation and I am very happy for you 3. Also juchiaro did you go and get your second blood test and if so what were your results if you know. Krissy68


abeille4 - January 22

i took a pregnancy test and there were 3 dots above the negative line where the positive line would be. anyone had this happen?


hysty - January 27

Hi all...I have the same problem. My due date was 3 days ago and so I tested this morning with first response and I had a line which was not faint but not as dark as the control so I am not sure what to do ? Retest or go to a doc ? ~ abeille4...I would recommend testing again with a different brand test. GL


juchiaro - January 27

I got a faint line and went to the lab to make sure I was pregnant. My HCG level was pretty low at about a 20. They told me I was pregnant but that I needed to go back to the lab in three days to see if the level had doubled because it is more important for the level to double every couple of days than the number be high per se and so I was happy but trying to wait until the second lab results to make sure the HCG level was increasing. Last Thursday I received the bad news that my HCG level had not changed at all and so my doctor told me to stop taking the progesterone pills and I got my period a few days later. I was so sad! I could not believe it! But... am moving on. Tomorrow is day 3 of a new cycle and I am going to see my doctor to start treatment. We're going to use a different combination of medication this time around to help prepare for my 4th cycle of IUI. I am crossing my fingers this is going to be it! I will honestly say that at times I feel exhausted from this process but after much meditation I decided I am not ready to stop trying just yet. I am keeping positive... and at this point I am starting some holistic treatment along with the conventional treatment to see if that will also make a difference.


gemmay1 - January 28

i did a test 2 days ago and came back negative.today i did one and it showed a faint line my last af was the 4th jan.soooo excited just dont like the sickness im having.


Chele Pants - January 29

i too had low hcg levels. My 1st one was 21,then before the 48 hrs it was 24,then 5 days later it was 15. its still at 15 but i have no bleeding or pain accept lower back pain. My gp can't tell me if i am pregnant or not. But i've read on her ladies think they are pregnant from level 6 on wards.


2rr - February 17

I also had a faint line on my hpt 2 days ago. I go tomorrow to test my hcg (blood test) I've read that you can get a faint line and low hcg levels if you test before 5 weeks (thats less than 4 weeks after your last period started in crazy doctor math) I'm now 4 days past my expected period and have nausea and dizziness, so I'm pretty sure that I'm preggers, but checking w/ the doctors on hcg level to be safe!


Chele Pants - February 18

i had my blood test done because i had come off the pill the month before.,And did not have a withdrawal bleed or period. The hpt were all negative. Then a couple of weeks later is when i got my 1st faint postive. i've had a recent blood test & my levels are 9. My doctor says it may have been a "chemical pregnancy".


vero33 - March 26

Hi there, I''m also experiencing the same thing. I know my HB and I had s_x when I was ovulating. I've had cramping since Sunday but no AF. AF was late last month by 4 days, so I'm either one day late or AF will come in 3 days. I took three test, one generic with the + - thing and there was a faint +. So I took two more, First Response and there was one def pink line and one soft pink but def two lines. I don't want to get my hopes up but I think I might be pg! I'm waiting though until Monday to test again then tell HB.


Chele Pants - March 27

i have since started my af so im just getting rid of the effects of my chemical pregnancy. I am very sad & my oh is gutted. Where not going activley try for a baby but just see what happens.Without ant stress just enjoy the bedding.



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