Faint Positive Now All Negative

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cs2004 - September 3

I took a test two days ago and got a faint positive immediately when the urine passed through the control window. It is still there. I've taken 4 tests in the last two days since then and they are all negative - two were the same First Response brand, one an EPT, and one Equate. My period isn't due for 3 more days but I am so confused. Why7 positive then negative?


ss - June 23

The same thing has happen to me but im a week late now and I have no clue whats going on, My first test I had a faint positive immediately then two days later I had a negative. So I took one one just to see and the dame thing didnt work for me so yet agian I will have to take another, man Im gettin sick of peeing on these dame things. Well best of luck to you.


cs2004 - June 24

I know! The waiting is agony. Best of luck to you as well...


tam - June 29

exactly the same is happening to me right now. have you found some advice????????


sweetie - June 30

Have a blood test done, its more sensitive.


roo - July 7

It is nice to see that other women are having the same problem. Its been two full weeks since my positive test, ive taken about twelve tests now all negative! why one positive!


Janet - July 8

you are not alone, same thing happened to me, i had an early response show a positive faint line and i did two more after a few days and it showed neg on both


jac - July 13

You're not alone. I'm going through something similar right now. I got a faint positive 3 days before my period was due, the next day I started bleeding, and now all of the tests I take are negative. My doctor thought the bleeding could be caused by implantation, but then why are all the tests coming up negative? I don't understand. I had a blood test taken yesterday and hopefully that will give me some kind of definite answer. I wish you the best of luck. May I ask everyone a question--how are you coping with the emotional roller coaster ride of thinking you may be pregnant and then thinking that you're not pregnant? I'm having a really hard time handling this. Any tips you have for keeping your sanity during this process would be more than welcome.


Lisa - July 13

I'm going through the same thing right now. I've done some research on the subject and found a few possible answers for why so many women have this same exact experience. 1. The tests are not as acurate as they claim to be especially if you're doing an early detection test. Studies have shown that different women produce inconsistent levels of hCG hormone on different days after conception. 2. What's called a "Chemical Pregnancy" may have occured. This is when the egg is actually fertilized and implants itself long enough to start producing the hCG hormone (which was detected on your early pregnancy test), but then stops developing due to one problem or another. 30% to 50% of first pregnancies end in this way, but most women don't even know it happened. Unfortunately, those of us who have been trying desparately to get pregnant for a long time have access to these early detection tests... meaning maybe we found out something we never should've known in the first place. The early detection tests are good if your pregnancy sticks, but if it doesn't (which is very common) they just cause added turmoil and confusion to an already stressful situation. The experts suggest that despite access to these early detection tests it is better to wait a few days to one week after you have missed your expected period to use any pregnancy test. I know this is not what most of you want to hear. It wasn't what I wanted to hear either, but it gave me some peace after being so confused and after a week of sleepless nights. It's only one of many possibilites anyway. 3. It's always possible that the test is defective or was done incorrrectly in some way. Make sure you follow all the directions carefully and use your first urine of the day for the most accurate results. I know how stressful it is to be on the emotional ride of trying to get pregnant. We have been trying for over 5 years now with a miscarriage after 5 months in 2002. It's enough to make you crazy. It brings me comfort to know that it's perfectly normal to feel crazy, if that makes any sense. I know I'm not alone in these feelings and it's ok. I just have to keep a larger perspective on things and remember to count my blessings ( I know... YUCK... but it really does help). Keep busy, move on with your life, and get counseling or find a support group if you need one. It really helped me to find others who were going through the same thing I was. Don't rely on your husband to understand everything. Although he loves you, most men just don't get it. If you put too many eggs in that basket you may drive a wedge between you and your husband that gets harder to fix with each misunderstood feeling. I'm not saying not to communicate with him, but find a level he can relate to. For example, I let my husband know if I'm feeling sad and get a nice hug, but I know he can't handle the hysterical cryer in me, so i call a friend for that or release it in my counselors office. Each marriage is different... what helped us was to find a solution that worked for both of us and to practice at it, alot! Something that REALLY helped us was to get on an adoption list. We have a long wait ahead of us and we keep trying to get pregnant in the meantime, but having the adoption there as kind of a "safety net" is very helpful. Getting on the list was a pretty long journey for us... I'm not saying it's an easy road, but it may be one you want to consider. Good luck to all of you. Hope this was helpful. Lisa


Kim - July 20

This has also happened to me numerous times, but on the same day I get the positive tests I go to the doctor immediately and they run blood quant_tative levels and they are always below 2, not pregnant. My doctor thinks I'm a bit nuts! I have concluded that these early pregnancy tests are not reliable and give false hope to many woman. When I was pregnant I used the equate brand test and it showed positive within a week of my missed period. I think it's best to use these tests with higher sensitivity, as they seem to be more accurate. I do not believe that we are all having miscarriages, as the blood quant_tatives would show some sign of it. I finally had my husband take the same test I was taking and he tested positive!


SONYA - July 28



liz - July 29

maybe some tests are stronger than the other...if one said positive i would go on like you are - wait like five days and test again. faint lines are lines - hcg is in your blood or it wouldn't have shown any lines at all


shelby - August 2

Ok this might sound a little stupid but i;m on the birth control needle and i'v been on it for a year or more but i;m having sympstoms of being pregnant could you tell me if its possible?


nonne - August 22

Thank you lisa for your information its been very helpful.i m glad that someone out there understand what i m going through, i have been trying to get pregnent for 3 years and had 2 miscarrige. my husband is very helpful but he do not understand what i m going through.i m always confused since my period is always late and keep me wondering. i feel i am going nuts!!!!


chim - September 3

EPT didn't work Clear blue easy digital 100% accurate!!


bb - October 8

I too am going through the same thing. I took 2 pg tests and they turned up +ive, so naturally I was excited. So I went to the doctor and her test turns out -ive. I though maybe I drank too much and diluted the urine (?) Anyways, she seemed worried (probably early sign of misscarriage or chemical pregnancy) so I had some blood work done today to test the amount of HCG. I am now two days late and feel pg, but am scared and angry. I was so excited until I saw that Dr. Its not her fault or anything, but she was very negative about the whole thing. I suppose many women have multiple miscarriages and go on to have healthy babies. The other potential good news is that some women just have low HCG levels and still have healthy babies. So, some tests may come out negative when in fact you are pg. I recommend getting a blood test. Good luck to everyone! I am keeping my fingers crossed + praying alot :)


Kaylan - October 4

Hello ladies so yesterday I had a faint positive line pop up but today it is negative. I haven't had AF in a month now this is going on two. What's your thoughts?? I can't get into the doctor yet so I need opinions please. 



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