Faint Positive On Qualitative Blood Test At Dr Office

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Teresa - April 8

I took 2 EPT's 3 and 4 days prior to period with a neg result. Took a blood qualitative test at Dr office 2 days before period and was a faint positive. Lab tech said positive, CNP said negative as line was too faint. Has anyone ever had a BLOOD test come up with a faint line????


Lindsey - April 8

Teresa- Yes when I thought I was pregnant I went to the doctors office and it was a faint line. The nurse said even though it was faint it still meant pregnant. I would wait another day or two and try again, the line should get darker. I am 20 weeks pregnant!! Good luck....


Candice - April 8

Lindsey-How far were you when you got the faint positive? Was it a blood or urine test?


megan - April 12

I think I am insane about the blood test now! I have felt pregnant for the past couple weeks. Sore b___bs, drainage down below, crazy moood swings, and the headaches and nausea were killing me! I kept taking at home urine tests, all negative, even two days late on my period. Today is the 2nd day I am late on my period, still neg. urine- even at the hospital- but they did a blood hcg test there. The doc said I was a 5 which is positive for 1 week or so pregnant. I was overjoyed, but he kept saying it could be a hormonal fluctuation (yeah, like pregnancy, moron) but technically it was positive. So my husband and I go home overjoyed (we have been trying for three months) and then I look at the result that the nurse gave me (a copy of the lab results, which I asked for). I am freaking out - it says 0.5 NOT 5 on the results. Now, I am hoping this is the way the lab reports it and it means 5. I have a call in to my regular Dr. to have a look at the results and see if it is truly positive. Everybody keep your fingers crossed for me that it is in fact 5! I am so upset and worried and I'm freaking out and I can't wait. I just can't deal with this unfair rollercoaster. If that Dr. at the ER read the results wrong, I swear he will b sorry.Pray for me!


Milissa - April 13

MAGAN> what have you found out???? I'll be waiting!!!!!


milissa - April 13

sorry> megan



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