Faint Positive Test Result

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Teresa - April 9

Hello, I just took a pregnancy test a couple hours ago and I had a faint positive result. I'm guessing this is because it's still early on and it had only been like 2 hours since I had urinated, until I urinated again to take the test. This is my question: I was pregnant recently and had a miscarriage on February 28th of this year, having only been about 7 weeks along at the time. I took a home test about 1-2 weeks after I stopped bleeding from the miscarriage to confirm that the pregnancy was infact over. I had a negative result with that test. I have not bled or had a period since that miscarriage. Because my period never came like I had thought it should, I went out today and bought the test that I just took. Does this mean that I am pregnant again because it was faint positive and the test after my miscarriage was negative? I don't even know when I would've conceived because my period never came. It's been almost 6 weeks since I started bleeding that last time. The test I bought came with two tests, so should I take the other test first thing in the morning or should I wait a few days? What do you guys think? Is it normal to get pregnant this quickly after a miscarriage, not even having a period in between? Thank you for any information! Teresa


Natalie - April 19

I had an early miscarriage and had a blood test to make sure that my hcg levels were depleted...they were. Two weeks later, I was pregnant again without having had a period so yes it can happen (my daughter is one year old now:)! Congratulations!


nica` - April 22

I agree with Natalie - you would be pregnant. I had a D&C on March 20 and took a preg test yesterday and mine showed negative - we have been trying and I know it's too early to get a positive but I just wanted a benchmark 'negative' so that when I try again in a few weeks and hopefully get a positive, i know it will be for real and wont just be leftover from the first pregnancy



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