Faint Positives Help

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lovelyladyy - October 3

i took 2 epts at 10dpo and 1 ept & all of them came up with a faint blue line within minutes of taking the tests. i took a first response also at 11dpo and i thought i saw a veryy veryy faint line & once the test dried the line was more visible but still faint & it was also pink. i know youre not suppose to looked at them past 10 mins bc of evap lines but couldnt help it! was the first response probably a positive but just wasnt visible until dried? my bbs have been very sore & im feeling real crampy & i honestly feel like i am pregnant. but are all these faint lines false positives?? i dont understand why id get 3 faint positives and not be!


singlem0m - October 4

Any line is still a positive! If you wait a few days and test again normally the line will get darker. Congrats!


sarah21 - October 4

Yep a line is a positive. I wouldn't rely on the one that you had to wait longer for but the other two sound positive. You are testing pretty early, so to see anything is really good.


katt31 - October 4

I had a positive test today and second test was negative. I was actually wondering if anyone had experienced a false positive due to evaporation line appearing rapidly, and if so what brand of test was it?


GimmeaBub - October 5

Hey Katt31, i thought i got a false positive with clear blue, because i tested positive with that and negative with another brand, well i just did a first response and i got my BFP, sometimes it just happens with certain test sensetivity levels. Try testing again with first morning pee, that way its more concentrated. Baby Juice


katt31 - October 5

gimmeabub thanks for the advice I was thinking that would be the case, it is so frustrating not knowing! Keep me in your prayers I am about to test this morning!


k. - October 5

Katt, any news???? Keep us posted.


GimmeaBub - October 5

Goodluck with Katt, Best of luck with it darl


katt31 - October 5

Well i did hpt test agin with fmu and it was negative, but the one yesterday was clearly positive. I guess I will play the waiting game! Anyone else have any news?


lovelyladyy - October 7

i took another first response on thursday morning & another faint line. it was deff pink too. i havent tested since. im suppose to be getting my af today. havent experienced any cramping or nething yet! so we'll see if it comes! wish me luck!


becy22 - October 8

i would say thats a pos thats what happened to me.



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