False BFP Digital Test Has Anyone Had One

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Lala - December 18

I just got a "pregnant" on a Rite Aid brand digital test!!!!!! It's strange, though, because I just had what I though was a normal af last week. Yet, my cervix got soft (instead of firm) before and during the "af". Today I felt strange, and my cervix is still soft, so I bought a digital hpt (mostly to get it out of my head esp since I just had af). I can't believe it's a BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomarrow, I'll get a quantative hCG.


Lala - December 18

Well---I am proof that you really can have false positives! After another BFP hpt this am, I had my quantative hCG drawn. IT IS 0!!! I am not pregnant! I hate all this SO much! Why is all of this so confusing??? I don't want to take another hpt ever again!


Kimber - December 18

Lala, I am very sorry. If you read some of the other posts they say that had pos HPT and neg blood and Still had a positive pregnancy a little later on. Best wishes to you. I am in kinda the same boat. Had what I think is a BFP on 12-16 but now not sure if is a BFP or evap. Taken 2 test since and one very very faint line (pos or evap) and the other nothing. I think all hpts suck! Baby dust


Lala - December 20

Am I the only one with a false pos on a digital test???? What is wrong with me? Kimber thanks for your reply--I feel your pain!


M - December 21

I completely understand what you're going through. See my post on 12/19/05 under "Need advice please". I tested on 12/18/05 with a CVS brand digital test and I got a "pregnant". I then took 3 more tests including another CVS digital and they were all negative. I'm convinced the first was a false positive. I'm going to the dr today to verify.


Lala - December 21

You know, M, our digitals are made from the same company (see peeonastick.com)! Have you called the number on the box? The company is called Inverness. I called them,and they can't beleive I had a false positive. They are sending me an envelope to return the test in because they want to do some testing on it. You should do the same. Clearly someting is wrong. Execpt for the fact that my second hpt the next morning of a different brand also came up BFP. Anyway, the digital company is going to send me another test too.


M - December 21

I would send the test back except after I retested and it was negative I got upset and threw it away. I went to the dr today and he wanted to only give me a urine test. I told him I didn't want to b/c I knew it would be negative. This whole thing has just frustrated me to no end. Anyway, now I am just waiting for AF to arrive.


Lala - December 21

I know what you mean! This is so ridulous! When I called the company, though, they were so insistant on getting my test back that I dug it out of the garbage. Maybe you should at least call them so they'll know if women are getting false positives. Besides they'll send you a replacement test. Anyway, are you late for af?


Sal - December 21

I wish i am having a false negative


M - December 21

Lala, No I am not late yet. I should start early next week. I was spotting last week and feeling generally tired and nauseaus so I figured what the heck. I was pretty surprised when it was a BFP. After my DH and I stopped crying (from happiness) I thought I had better take another test. Well the next test and every test since has been a BFN. I'm just so disgusted. I have to try to get over it and focus on next cycle but it's really hard.


Lala - December 21

M, not to give false hopes (we've certainly had enough of that), but how do you know you aren't pregnant? Test don't usually work until after af is late. Really--I know some say that did get BFP as soon as 10 dpo, but that's not that common. Usually you have to wait until af is late by at least one day, many times more. hCG doesn't start producing until after implantation (which occurs 7-10 days after ovulation/fertilization. After that it takes a few days to build up enough to be detected in the urine. There's still hope until af comes! let me know what happens.


Lala - December 30



M - January 3

Lala, Just wanted to update you on my situation. I have taken about 10 hpts, all BFN except one recently was very light BFP but it was probably an evap since all since then have been BFN. AF has not shown. I am on CD 35 (14DPO). If no AF by Friday I am calling the doc.


Lala - January 3

M, thanks for the update. Maybe you're pregnant! Now is just when you can get a BFP--14 dpo is normally the earliest (I know some do get them as early as 10dpo, but not most). What day were you when you got the positive? I'd go to a walk-in clinic and get a blood test this evening if I were you! (oh, a QUANTATIVE test is best because it gives your hCG number instead of a yes/no.) Please let me know!


M - January 4

Lala, AF showed her hideous face today. I'm not surprised, just disappointed. Oh well, now I know for sure...on to next cycle. Thanks for the support.


Lala - January 5

M, I'm so sorry! I think I really can say I know how you feel. Esp. after positive hpt's! I am so sorry! This sucks! I don't think I'm taking those stupid things any more--what a waste of money! If I'm late for af in the future, I'll just go straight for the blood test--no false hopes there.



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