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mj - January 10

I took a Clearblue Easy pregnancy test which came back positive. The doctor had me come in to take a blood test, but this came back as negative. How common is this? Is there any chance I could be pregnant?


Christina - January 15

I tested positive using a first response test twice. I am getting a blood test done next week. I was worried about it coming out negative, but many of the women on the forum have said that despite the blood test being negative they were pregnant. Some say the the blood tests arent as accurate early on so I would wait a while then try again. Have you tried a different test such as ept or first response? they tend to all be a little different. Good luck to you.


Angela - January 15

Hi, just wanted to let you know that there are 2 types of blood tests that your doctor can order. One is a positive or negative test and the other one is a test that tells you the levels of the hormone in your blood. I had a negative hpt on sunday and tuesday and I went in for blood test on tuesday afternoon and it came back negative. However, I took 2 hpts yesterday and 1 this morning and they all came up positive. If your doctor orders you the test that tells your your level of hormones you can also find out exactly how far along you are. I am going to do one next week. Also, I read that you can't get a falst positive with the hpt unless you are taking medication with the hgc hormone in it. Good luck to you both!!


Clare - January 17

Hi there when i was preg with my son, I used a firsy responce test which showed up almost instant positiv, I went to gp and done a urine sample for him and sent it off, 3 days later I phoned for results they said negative! they were wrong,Then When I fell pregnant with my daughter I did 4 dip tests all of which came back with very faint positive lines, being still unsure I went and brought the clear blue digital which came up with a 'pregnant' now I tested myself today and 3 outta 4 tests had faint positive lines - very faint tho, and the 4th one I say I can see a faint line but noone else seems to, so yet again I dunno!


Clare - January 18

I did a digital test this morning and Im pregnant!



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