False Positive

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Nicky - April 22

I have just had a faint positive result on a first response kit ( UK). Has anyone inc. USA ever had a false positive using these kits which can apparently diagnose pregnancies upto 4 days before a period should start?


Melissa - April 26

I took two first response test and they both came out positive. I had blood test done, it was negative and the dr did an exam and said he did not think I was pregant. I finally started my period 3 weeks late. I hope it turns out the way you want. Keep us posted.


Melissa - April 26

(Different than above) I too have had a false positive with first respose about eight months ago.


superbadchick - April 26

I took a first response today and had a very faint positive, but feeling crampy like my af is coming tomorrow.


ahava from uk - May 28

did you turn out to be pregnant? i have had 12 pos on epts from simply fertility 5 days before myperiod? if so, email me at [email protected] -


colleen - May 28

Most false positives are becaue of testing early. A good percent of pregnancies turn out to be early miscarriages but if one was not testing she would have ever kown. The woman usually goes on to get her period a little late and a little more angry than usual. This is called a chemical pregnancy. Go to peeonastick.com and they explain pretty well about false positives and what causes them. You are most likely pregnant and I would retest in a few days.


goingcrazy - May 28

i took a urine test on thurs. and got a positive result..went to the doctors on fri. for a blood test which came back negative. took another urine test on saturday which read negative. what is going on?


Ashley - June 2

PLEASE HELP! i took three hpt (2 first response and one clear blue). they all had a faint positive so i went to the dr for a blood test. it came back borderline so i was instructed to come back in 48 hours to retest. when i went back the test was negative...a week later and still no af...any ideas?


jennjenn - June 4

I took two first response tests just today. the first was positive (clearly), the second was negative. It's two days before my period is about to start and I am feeling extremely crampy.


going crazy - June 4

jennjenn-im sorry to tell you this but i too had taken 2 first response tests-one positive one negative, unfortunatley i am definetly not pregnant. i took 2 blood tests at the dr's to confirm. let me know what happend's with you.


Jennjenn - June 4

going crazy, did you ever start your period? I had yet another positive test this morning, but I really, really feel like I am going to start my period. A lot of cramping and pressure. I have to wonder if I am having a miscarriage. I do have a 15 month old, so I know what being pregnant feels like. I took a blood test yesterday. I will let you know how it comes out.


goingcrazy - June 4

jennjenn-no i still have not gotten my period..i have not had a period for 40 days. however my periods are not regular since going off the pill..so i have no clue what is going on. last month i was on clomid (fertility) and progestorone (to get my period) but still it says that i am not pregnant. if you miscarried...it would still show positive on the urine test. and your not blleding right?


jennjenn - June 4

going crazy, Gosh I really don't know... I have been told that I can have a positive result and then later a negative one due to miscarriage, but that a true false positive is extremely rare.


sophie - June 4

period 11 days l8 1st response tst faintly positive but positive line disappeared after 15mins! ANY IDEAS


jennjenn - June 4

Sophie, Very, very strange. I have had three pregnancy tests in my life that turned out positive and all of the lines have stayed, permanently.


jennjenn - June 7

Goingcrazy, any signs of a metrual cycle yet? I had one border line blood test and one negative. No signs of my period.... Sometimes I hate being a woman. If the test truly is negative, it's a good thing for me. It's not the right time or place in my life.


going crazy - June 8

jennjenn-no i still have not gotten my period. but i do not know what my cycle is like seeing that i was on the pill for over 12 years. what did your doctor say?



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