False Positive In The Morning

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Hopeful - August 16

I've taken a test two mornings in a row, both which were digital read outs that said "pregnant". However, when I took the 2nd test on each day (but in the afternoon and evening) the read out said "not pregnant". I've ALSO taken 2 EPT test with the new +/- thing and both come back with VERY faint + signs. I don't which tests to believe. I don't know if I'm in denial, or if I really am pregnant. Has this happened to anyone else?


Amy - August 16

Your HCG level is the highest of a morning. That could be why your morning tests are positive and your afternoon/evening tests are negative. The more times you pee and the more fluid you intake during the day dilutes your urine and can give you a negative result when you should be getting a positive. My friend had a morning positive home test, then went to the Dr. later in the afternoon and their urine test was negative, so they took blood and that test confirmed that she was definetely pregnant and that her urine mustve been too diluted by the time they tested her at their office.


Mica - August 17

Yes, I agree with Amy. sounds like your defeninatly pregnant, especially if you got positives on the digitals. CONGRATULATIONS!


j. - August 17

Hello. That is why I don't like the digital tests, because you can't see any lines. The lines-tests, will show how weak or strong the line is, and will show you if the line gets stronger. So, I'd expect a low level of hCG to come up with a weak line for the first couple of days, but then to get darker after that, as the levels increase. As the girls said, your morning hCG is more concentrated, hence the morning positive result. But in a normal pregnancy, a few days from now, it shouldn't matter anymore what time of day you test, since the levels are supposed to rise so much, they are clearly detectable at any time of the day. I'd test with another brand, and see what it says. Good luck!!



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