False Positive Or False Negative

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chicago29 - September 25

Around 11:30 this morning I took a First Response : Early Result Pregnancy Test, and the results came back immediately with the dark pink control line, and then gradually over a minute or two, a very faint pink line next to it. The presence of the second line typically represents a positive result. Very anxious, I went to buy an E.P.T. test (not digital) about an hour or two later. The E.P.T. test showed up with the dark blue control line in the control window, and a dark blue line in the test window. The presence of a line (rather than a "+" symbol) typically represents a negative result. Which one is correct, and what should I do?


carolynarthur - September 26

well I don't know about you...but my ept was very posotive ..and in about 2 hours the lines had disapeared


kelbabe - September 26

one test may have been more sensitive than the other. try again with a low sensitivity test in the morning. good luck. x x


kay101 - September 26

First Response is the most sensitive test on the market. I believe you are pregnant my dear, so congratulations! Your urine may have been a little more diluted with the second test also.


chicago29 - September 27

I took the tests again this morning, using the dip method (to rule out human error). The pink line on the FR is much lighter than yesterday, and there is a very light blue line making the + sign on the EPT. So...it's probably blood test time, huh?


Dancer33 - September 27

Congrats! It sounds like you are prego! Usually it doesn't matter if the line is light or dark. If you can see it within the first 10 min, it's there!


Carolynns146 - September 27

Hello ladies! From the moment I "comcieved" I had this weird feeling of pregnancy. I have all the symptoms from Heatburn, frequent urination, tummy hair, mask of pregnancy, acne, and my areola is darkening and my nipple are now darkening also with white specsHeadaches, nose bleed once, alergies CHipped tooth. My Belly is deff sticking out and I am SO tired and eating more. I took hpt. neg. neg. neg So I got a Blood test. NEG. So I was like OK Im must not be...I get a weird dream where I test pos. So I go the next day and Buy 2 test. They both come out positive. I wait a week go on vacation spott a little but Not heavy bleeding... Come home get a blood test mid week... NEGATIVE!! HPT NEG WTF?! loll Im going crazy here. I know my body and I Feel pregnant Iw ould be 10 weeks. Im 19 years old. I have an ultra sound in 10 days... i dont want to wait... Do you think I was finally showing HCG levels then when I bled they wernt strong enough for the blood test? Anyone?! Omg and I do Tarot cards and I did one every day the past 3 days I have pulled the "pregnancy indicator card" n i used different decks. Werid huh?!


kay101 - September 27

Aw, congratulations! You get to be a June mommy with me!


wittman - September 28

Hi Ladies, I was just wondering if any of you have had this situation: at 4 days late i took two hpt and they came out with a faint positive. Two days later I take a 3 more and they are all neg. I am not sure what is going on??



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