False Positives And False Negatives

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laura - February 16

How common is it to come up with a false positive or a false negative when you take a home pregnancy test and also what if you get a very faint line


..... - February 17

any line regardless of the color means your pregnant


Eve - February 18

Is a false positive an evaporation line? What if the positive shows up after 20 minutes???


Tyra - March 9

Very common, depending on what test you are using and how sensitive it is to the Pregnancy hormone." If you get a faint line and feel this is unsatisfactiry, then try again


C - March 9

Eve, I believe if the positive shows up after 20 minutes, it is not accurate anymore. Most of the pregnancy kit instructions state not to read reading after more than 5-10 mins


morgan - March 9

if you get a faint line, count that you are but test agian or schedule a Doc. appt, a.s.a.p.. good luck hun!


Kristen - March 9

I am actually going through a false positive, so I think right now. I took a test Monday, it was positive and yesterday and today it was negative.Anyone know what it means?


JJ - March 10

You are much less likely to get a false positive than a false negative. However, certain fertility drugs can cause you to get a false positive because the drugs either contain hcg or cause your body to produce it (not sure which). Also, certain type of endocrine disorders can cause hormonal problems that can lead to a false positive.


Rachel - March 11

I am concerned that I received a false positive result because I had a miscarriage 3 weeks ago. Do you think this could make the results inaccurate?


Heather - March 11

Check out www.peeonastick.com. This site has alot of information about pregnancy tests.


Tammy - March 21

I'm in the same boat got a BFP with Answer early the next day got BFN with another brand ( still an early test though) what gives?


Lynn - March 21

Me Too Me Too! I tested Sat w/Answer Early & got faint positive.. Tested Sun w/first response & got faint positive, tested this am with Fact Plus & got faint positive, af due tomorrow....


Meri - March 23

After reading all of theses responses i know im not crazy.... I tested positive for a week using hpt.. went to the doctor and had a positive blood test... When i went back to the doc a few days later he said the blood test was negative?? I still feel prego (usual symptoms) but at this point have no idea what to think... I had very light bleeding two weekends ago, no clotting or pain at all? If anyone can shed some light I would greatly appreciate it....


jenny - March 27

I have the same issue as kristen! Got a positive on 3/25 then negative on 3/26 and 3/27. Same brand test all days- First Response. Same time of day - First thing in the morning.....what gives???


Suzanne - March 31

I've had two pregnancies and two very faint lines and all was well. However, I took a pregnancy test six days ago, got a faint line and today it seems like my period started. I took a test, which got some blood on it, and it was positive. Now I'm worried. It wasn't much blood, but could that be it?


Tigger - April 1

This is probably gonna sound REALLY weird, but a few years ago, I was late, me and my fiance were a little freaked out so I took a HPT- actually used EPT... Everytime I use EPT (error proof test) I have a false positive, but with any other brand Ive gotten the right results... just wondering if some of yas are using EPT too.


erica - April 14

i am going nuts. husband and I unprotected s_x last month. I know I am prego but neither blood or urine will show it. I think only time will clear this up.



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