Feedback On First Response New One W Oval Window

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mom_of_1 - October 19

Just wondering. Evaps? What DPO you got BFP? Took one this morning and I see a line...But not sure if it is faint BFP or Evap, only 8-9dpo?


mom_of_1 - October 22



MelissaP - October 22

I used a fr test yesterday afternoon...and it came out bfn..white as snow..not a hint of an evaporation I am a__suming they are pretty reliable with results....I was testing extremely early though...not even supposed to be testing for another we'll see how things go. They seem pretty reliable


kelbabe - October 22

did it show before or after the time limit? before is a bfp, after is a bfn


kendra.marie - October 22

go to (3)Ws .PEEONASTICK.COM look on there it wont let me click it but it says the level it needs it 25hcgs which is low & good it says more accurate then the first first repsonse & also there is (3)w's look for stuff on there also


mom_of_1 - October 22

Thanks ladies :) They were all before the time limit, but more noticable just around/after the 10 min mark. But I started what may be AF today :(


kelbabe - October 23

mom, if there were before the time limit, then your bleed may be implantation. take another test just to be sure. if the same happens again. go to the doc.


mom_of_1 - October 23

Thanks! How are you doing? Any BFP or AF yet? Hopefully the first one!!


kendra.marie - October 23

did u get af or bfp


mom_of_1 - October 23

I dont know :( I bleed some red for just a little bit, then followed by more brown spotting. Then nothing, and now the same thing today? I didnt test today, But I am guessing this is af (or possible chemical pregnancy) Not sure. I still have my prego symptoms. So I am going to see what happens today, then maybe test tomorrow if the spotting stops. I didnt spot at all with my DD, but have read that some women do?


heatherjene - October 25

mom of 1- I just tested with 1st response and got BFP within 2mins. - just to be sure i went and bought a clearblue and it did the same thing-BFP! I also am having some bleeding that started a week before AF was supposed to start- but no PMS symptoms, so thats why I tested in the first place. Going to doctor to get blood drawn today then again on Monday to see what happens. Good luck!!


mom_of_1 - October 25

Congratz!! YAY! I got af :( But this was my first month trying so there are more to come :)



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