Fibroid Tumor Affecting Pregnancy Test

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Ang - January 16

Hello everyone, I am new to this site and I’m hoping someone can help me with my question/concern. On dec. 13th, 2004, after my husband and I had a lovely afternoon, I was sure I was pregnant. My period wasn’t due until Dec. 27th, 04. Well here it is Jan. 16, 05 and the old girl still hasn’t made an appearance. I have had no pregnancy symptoms other than a full feeling in my pelvic area. Let me add that I have always been clockwork regular and with my 2 boys, I had no symptoms either. No sickness, no tender br___ts, just tired, like I am now. I have taken 5 hpt’s and 3 of them were very faintly positive. I just have that feeling that I am. The blood test says no, but that was taken about 7 days after conception, so it would have been too early. I was at the doctor because I was diagnosed with a fibroid tumor. Also, with my first son, I didn’t get a positive test until I was 4 months along. We had already heard the heartbeat before the test said positive. With my second, it showed positive right away. Does anyone know if a fibroid tumor can interfere with a test. giving a false positive or negative? I don’t know if perhaps it is just wishful thinking on my part or if there is really a little life growing there. Also, has anyone heard of hcg levels being too high for an hpt to detect. I had heard that somewhere but can’t find any information about it. Hubby is positive I’m carrying 3. (Silly Man ) Any information/advice anyone has would be greatly appreciated. I know, go to the doctor…I just started my new job and can’t get off in time to go, and I don’t want to ask off just yet. Thanks for any and all comments….unless they are rude… 


melodee - July 20

is it possible to have a baby with fibroid on your uterus?


Brandy - July 29

It is possible to have a baby and a fibroid in your uterus. Yesterday during my first u/s, the tech discovered the fibroid and I have a wonderfuld 3 month old baby in me. No pain, though I am now considered a higher risk I think b/c of the fibroid:(



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