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Belinda1 - August 11

hi im new here do need advice and help my head is in a spin...last year i lost a baby at 3 months into pregnancy, been trying ever since i discovered FR HPT and for the last 5 months i have spent huge amounts on this product to be told every month yes Belinda you are pregnant!! sadly none were to be im very frustrated today i bought another test....not even testing time yet for another 7 days but low and behold,,,,,my FR is telling me with a feint positive yes you are frustrating and how cruel i have been reading these forums for ages and just took up enough gall to actually join one....anyone else with this problem?? please help!!!!


HappyWife - August 11

Aw that's horrible!! I would be frustrated should try going in for a blood test. I have never had that problem..I'm waiting on blood results because my HTPs were always coming up neg but I've missed two periods. The drs. said that blood work is more accurate than any pee-stick test. I just went to a walk-in clinic and they did it there for me. Results in 2-3 days, you should try that. Are you getting regular periods? It could be a hormonal imbalance that's giving a false-positive read as well. Good luck to you!!!


Belinda1 - August 11

Happywife thanks for replying, you see on 24th july i bled for three days light i may add, so im wondering if it could be a pregnancy or maybe im just hoping too too much!! had all my levels done right down to thyroid doc says im firing on all fours! however partner does have low SC but doc said we have been pregnant once we can do it again its not impossible, he has an appt on thurs so shall keep you informed....thanks for replying i feel so out of it and so bloody alone xxx :(


HappyWife - August 11

The worst part, I think, is the not knowing. Don't you just wish that we were like normal women who take a pee test and bang! they know it But maybe we're all learning a lesson in patience. Don't worry, you're not alone. I thought I was for the first month of not having a period but then I found this site and the not-knowing is so much more bearable with other people experiencing the same thing. I hope it all works out for you. Its just really weird that the tests are all positive. I hope it all gets figured out.


Belinda1 - August 12

Hi, well took another test this morning....still telling me positive!! i so desperatley want to say right no no NO!! no more tests till next week.....i cant help it i want this baby so much.....will def keep you posted x


newbaby2009 - August 12

Are you sure you're reading the testa right? I cant see how every test would pick up the pregnany ormone if you're not. And you would you continue to use the same test if you thought everyone you had taken was wrong? First response has done great for me with all 5 pregnancies. (3 miscarriages one daughter and nw 13 weeks). Are you sure its an actual pregnancy test and not first response ovulation strips. None of this makes any sense.


kristine-- - August 13

belinda, i'm sorry you have to go thru this. i can't understand your frustration, but i hope all turns out well. anyway, are you on any kinda of meds that may secrete hCG into your urine? if not, then something's gotta give. i sure hope this is your month! GL! let us know what the doc's say.


Belinda1 - August 14

hi ...newbaby hunny yes im reading right, i dont understand, maybe my age may have something to do with it?? i am at fertility for repeat misscarriages on 28th august....honestly hun i have spent quite a few pounds over last few months on these tests, i even ask friends if they see a line....d__n ive even taken the tests into work to show work colleagues!!! you see i buy them again and again because for them few days??? i actually feel like i have finally got the baby i yearn, madness yes i know. My partner went to clinic today sperm count ok motility ok but morphology only 5%???? consultant dishcharged him saying if we got pregnant once it can happen again so obviously now im really on a downer.....shall keep you posted on my appt in two weeks xx


Belinda1 - August 14

Kristine....going to look into meds only thing im taking though are ADs and folic acid and vitB....i dont know what to think but will get through it....i have to........


newbaby2009 - August 19

definately keep us posted... good luck! Have you tried a different test at all?


MMM - August 19

Belinda1- I had the same issue with FR...Then A doctor told me that the ones at the dollar store are just as good and show poss just as soon as FP. Stop wasting your money on FP, it sounds like they are causing more stress than they are worth. GL


Belinda1 - August 20

Hi all a new week.....i havent tried other tests no but i will i think its gone on long enough!! I thought i was going crazy!! thank goodness there is someone else out there who has had same prob with FR!! I have my first appt at St Marys Manchester on 28th August so heres to hoping! As you ladies already know my partner has only 5% morphology but Withington dishcharged him saying that wouldnt be a problem....but if anyone out there on the airwaves has had same with their gents could you let me know?? All other things are ok with his sperm just morphology like i said does this mean im not going to get this baby or do i just have to try harder?? how frustrating!! and i swear from this day on...20/08/08 I WILL NEVER TRY FR AGAIN!! :) pop back thurs will give you all run down on my appt xx baby dust to all and thanks for listening xx Belinda1 xx



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