First Response Early Detection

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Ivy - March 17

Has anyone had success getting a truly "early" accurate result from this brand? I have had many pregnancy symptoms and took it 5 days before my period and it couldn't have been more negative. I'm thinking I"m just not pregnant now... I've kinda given up on this month. Anyone?


Mk - March 17

Ivy- I want to know this too! I 4 dys from my period and want to take one...but dont think you are not preg just cuz it was neg.. a lot ppl dont delelope the hormons as soon as others...wait 3-4 days and test agian... Good luck hun


Ginger - March 19

I took a First Response fours days before my period and it looked negative. There was a very very very faint line, but it just made me think I was seeing things. The next day, I took another one. The faint line was there, but just a tad bit darker. I was so confused and wanted to know the truth right then and there. I went to Walmart and looked at all of the tests and I bought a two pack of Fact Plus. I immediately peed on it in Walmart and guess what?!? Two lines showed up as plain as day! I was so shocked! I took the other test the next day and it was even darker! I went to the doctor who then confirmed that I am pregnant! First Response needs to work on there test and make the lines turn out darker because otherwise, I would have never known for a while.


Lynn - March 19

I'd like to know more about his too! I took an Answer Early Response this morning at has a FAINT, FAINT line show up... SO I went online & Consumer Reports tested pg tests & said First Response was most sensitive, so I went & bought those & they're made by the same company as the Answer! SO I'm gonna test in the am & have another look


Lynn - March 20

I tested this am with the First Response early test & again a very faint positive line shows up. I'm not due for af for 2 more days, but if she shows up, I'm definitely calling the company & going off. They need to get their stuff stright before they put something on the market that doesn't work. They have no idea what our emotions are going through right now & false positive/negative pg tests certainly don't help AT ALL!


First Response - March 20

I also used first response today and got a negative result. Do you think it might be wrong? AF is due in two days.


Cara - March 21

I also am wondering if I'm pregnant..all the signs, but AF not due until tomorrow. I bought a 3 pack of First Response Early and took 2 of them, both BFN. Will take the last one next week if still no AF. HOWEVER, when I was reading about them it states that it is only 63% accurate 4 days before a missed period, 74% accurate 3 days before, and increases in accuracy as you go. So, anyone using this test before AF shouldn't trust the results in my opinion. Why even bother testing early if the chances of the truth are so low?? Keep this in mind!


Lynn - March 21

I found a really neat website this morning while at work, it was a fertility company that tested all kinds of pg tests to see their response to hcg levels. amazingly, First Response & Answer Early gave very faint positive marks at < 50 m of hcg. Fact Plus gave faint marks from 50-99 and positive @100... I took a Fact Plus this morning & it too was a faint positive, af is due tomorrow & NO SIGNS:) but I still don't want to get my hopes up too early!


Lynn - March 21

SOrry, I didn't write the site down...


jena - March 21

yeah, i'm a big believer in waiting until you are due for AF - i haven't heard of many people who have gotten BFP's before AF was due - your body just doens't always develop HCG fast enough for these "early" tests - be safe (on your emotions!) and just wait at least until AF is due... good luck to all!!



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