First Response Early Results Are They Really Good

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false/negative - February 6

took two test came out negative. but i went to the dr. and she requested a blood test she thinks i am definitely pregnant. were the test really wrong? please give me some feed back. thanks a bunch.


lola - February 6

I heard& read that some women don't show + up til late in their pregnancies ( 3-4 mths ).I hope it's the case for u ! Good luck to u!


very concerned - February 8

THANK YOU Lola for your response. I'll keep it in mind.


roslyn - February 25

I lost the box w/instructions on how to read results can you help w/ First response results reading


Beth - February 25

One line = neg, Two lines = pos.


R.J - February 28

I have used these tests 3 and 1 days before I was due with each of my children and they were negative.4 days after clear blue was positive. I have heard that they rarely work. it is best to wait untill you are late. Because your hormones levels are higher.


Elle - March 1

I took that piece of c___p Early Pg Test and it was negative. It is supposed to give accurate results 5 days before AF is due. Well, I'm pg but it took 13 days for a + test result, and I used a different brand that time. Good luck!!


Christi - June 2

I took a pregnancy test and one line was dark and the other was lighter in this a positive result


joby - June 2

Hi Christi - a line is a line! Pg tests differ to ovulation tests. With ovlulation the line has to be either same colour or darker. With pg test there just has to be the 2nd line regardless of colour. Looks like congratulations!!!!


Frustrated - July 29

I took the first response 5 days early test and neg... but I am pregnant. It's c___p.


Lisa - July 29

I have taken 3 tests and they all say neg, but after two children, I'm pretty sure it is wrong. So glad to hear I'm not the only one with doubts about First Response.


Tina - July 29

Your HCG levels may just not be high enough for the home pregnancy tests to catch. Just because it reads - does not mean you are not pregnant. the blood test will give you the answer you are looking for.


Maria - July 30

I agrre that First Response is total c___p!!! I took two tests one 5 days and the other 2 days before my period was due and both were negative. I bought a test from Dollar Tree and it was positive. Go figure.


Chas - July 30

Maria, I have heard many good things about the dollar tree test! I have used them, unfortunately not a pos yet, but I also use their opk's. Can't beat it for a dollar!! I don't even waste my money on those other ones.


Jennifer - July 30

Yesterday I took the EPT Digital readout and it came back as "Not Pregnant". This morning I took First Response Early Detection and it came back "negative". However, my periods are always on time (28 day cycle) and I'm six days late. I'm calling my doctor on Monday AM to request a blood test. I have the cramps and tingly feeling and have been very tired. I'm 39.5 yrs. old and have a beautiful 21 month old son and we want another baby. Prior to that we've tried for over 6 years to get pregnant and had two miscarriages (2001 & 2002).


Linda - August 2

I took First Response earier today and I saw a faint line, my last period was July 4th. So I took another test to see if it was a darker line. Not darker, lighter then the other test. But I can make out a line. I'm not sure what this means, all I know is my b___bs are killing me. lol Already being a DD and now I think I am bigger. Wow. I wonder what all this could mean. Wish me luck


Gigi - August 3

Yeah, not only First Response not working, but also EPT and Clear Blue, which all profess being sensitive 4 days early. I'm 2 days late, tested yesyerday with First Response and got a negative - I have had all the symptoms in the last two weeks - so I am still hopeful... Guess I'll have to test again in a week if AF hasn't shown by then. My cycle has been 26 days like clockwork and tomorrow will make it 28 days or 2 days late. Wish me luck - and good luck to everyne else! Those D**N tests!



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