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superbadchick - May 12

Does anyone else want to vent about First Response? I have seen so many posts, including my own, about getting a positive with these tests, only to get subsequent negatives & find out they aren't pregnant. You spend so much money & get your hopes up, all for this big let down. Kind of sucks, huh?


Catherine - May 12

Is this the first response early result or the regular first response?


Liberty - May 12

superbadchick, I hear ya. I have had 10 positive hpts from FRE and Answer Early which are made by the same people. I even had 2 of them that the positive line stayed! I just returned from getting a urine test at the dr office and it was negative. And every other brand I have used has been negative. Now reading about others that had the disappearing lines with these brands and were not pg I am convinced that I am not pg and the symptoms I am experiencing are all in my head. I am going to call both their 800 #s today and ask for at least some of my money back. I have heard of other hpt companies doing that. So YES IT REALLY SUCKS. I really friggin hate this company for ever putting the idea in my head.


Jessica - May 12

I have taken the early result First Response test, it claims you can get results up to 5 days early. WRONG. I took the test each day before my expected period, they were all negative. On the day of my expected period, I took the test and it was + . So, it's better to not waste your money and also to not get your hopes up. I think it's best to wait till the day or a couple days later when you expect your period!!!


superbadchick - May 12

It was the early result.


LaLa - May 31

I took two of these tests three days before I expected my AF and one the next day just to be sure. (Using clomid...need to go cd25 to confirm Ovulation) Both had a positive line that appeared within a minute and last about 15 minutes before it faded away. Turns out I DID NOT even ovulate this month. I did the progestrone bloodwork one hour after the second test so there is NO way that the HPT could be positive. I talked to my doc and they did a blood test just to be sure before the next Clomid round at a higher dose. It's hard to have your hope dashed so unnecessarily! (we are TTC after the loss of our son last year due to PPROm at 21 weeks.) I have written a letter to complain to the company. So sorry that others are having to deal with these dissappointments too....but glad that I am not the only one that the test was so wrong on! Hang in there and maybe our next will be a REAL BFP!



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