First Response Is Negative

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kathy - October 17

i took a hpt this morning. i thought for sure it would say positive. but only one line. i am not usually late. i have had a 28 day cycle for years. however, last month it stretched to 30 days. this month i am now on day 33 as my last period was on sept. 15. so i'm not that late, but i want to be pregnant so i am dying to know why i'm late. i am 39 years old so i'm trying to be careful not to get my hopes up. i do have the usual symptoms; sore br___ts, cramping, but i also get that before a period. i run to the bathroom so often, just to check because i think my cramps or any wetness is my period. it helps to read about all of you going through the same thing. i wish all of you the best of luck.


2 kathy - October 17

i am somewhat like you but i havent had a period for months now (4) and had plenty of tests done to see what other possibilties it could be other than pregnancy and everything turned out fine..nothing is wrong with me..i'm not stressed either so i'm very confused. I had a pelvic exam done by an ob/gyn and she didnt say i was pregnant so i a__sume i'm not. I go back to the doc. i'm getting stressed b/c no one know whats wrong. And YES..i had EVERY pregnancy symptom..but not pregnant...GOOD LUCK with you!


Daile - October 18

I know how you feel!! I had the exact same problem, except I started spotting last night (after two missed periods). The doctor's told me everything was normal, and it was just stress stopping my periods, but I don't buy it, so I'm going to the gyn on Friday. Best of luck to you both!


amy - October 20

I also took the first repsonse test and I didn't get a second dark line until I was three days late. I just found out that I am pregnant, but I took alot of test before it finally showed up. good luck...


kathy - October 20

congrats amy! i finally got my period. i've just never been late like that before. i'm guessing it was stress. i have a 13 year old who was in trouble at school, plus i go to college 19 hours, and about to pull my hair out...also put on about 15 pounds this year. i guess my body is trying to tell me something. i'm thinking of getting an ovulation predictor kit. anybody know much about those? thanks!


melanie - November 11

I am 4 days late and I have taken First Response(twice) and both have came out negative. I'm having the usual cramps, and even a slight streak of spotting for 2 days now. I'm 32 years old and want a baby so badly but I'm afraid to get my hopes up. Good luck to you, I know how you feel!!!



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