First Response Line

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mg - March 17

Is there always a faint ghost line on first response? It appears within a minute. For the last month I keep getting this ghost line on numerous first response tests. I am not sure if it is pink or grey since it is so light.


lilbuddha - March 17

I have never seen this ghost line. I've been using first responce for 2 years now. I have never seen anything but crystal white and trust me I was looking for any faint sign!


mg - March 17

I also took accuclear and a second line developed within 6 minutes. I cant be pregnant I had a period and have started Clomid!!! WTF!!! And if I was pregnant why am I not getting a BFP just ghost lines??


Trish - March 17

I have been using first response as well and well to say the least im a little confused as well. I found this char on a web site. The lower the mIUs, the better Our Tests 20 mIUs hCG Confirm 1-Step 25 mIUs hCG One Step Be Sure 25 mIUs hCG E.P.T. 40 mIUs hCG Clearblue Easy 50 mIUs hCG Generic: Rite-Aid, Target 50 mIUs hCG Answer 100 mIUs hCG Equate (Wal-Mart) 100 mIUs hCG First Response 100 mIUs hCG Precise 100 mIUs hCG QTest 100 mIUs hCG Store Brand: Walgreens 100 mIUs hCG


mg - March 17

I have found it depends on what website you look at, some of the ones I have looked at have completely different numbers.


Nerdy Girl - March 17

If you find that you are taking a whole bunch of pregnancy tests, you can buy them very cheap online. Especially you ladies who say you have been using First Response for several years. .. Save yourself some money! If you buy a "pregnancy test strip" online, it is the exact same thing you buy at the store, but without the plastic casing. Therefore, you have to pee in a little dixie cup and then dip the strip in. But it's the same thing... you watch for the two lines to appear. One line is the control line that shows the test is working properly and the other is the pregnancy line. This is what is used in hospitals and doctors offices. You can buy the strips for less than $1 each. There are a bunch of websites you can check out if you google "pregnancy tests", but here is one site to try -



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