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m - January 10

I have been very sick lately and having many AF/Pregnancy signs. I took a first response and a very faint second pink line developed within the time limit and keeps getting darker. I have used FRER before and NEVER had even an evaporation line before, but I have heard of false positives, plus I took the test apart, after I was done to see the line better. If I am pregnant it would be a freaking happy miracle since my DH and I have an appointment with a fertility clinic next week. What do you think?


m - January 11

I just took an answer and equate, answer came back faint positve equate positive but even more faint.


confused1 - January 11

Sounds like you are pregnant! is it very early?? If first response came up + then you are pregnant. I have been ttc for 6mo and taken every brand of test on the market. First Response is not as sensitive as they say, so any line on that one is a ++. I would get a blood test and let us know!! Congrats!


m - January 11

I took another two more first response and another answer,this morning and both are negative? I dont understand they were CLEARLY positive yesterday, and still are sitting at home positive. I just dont understand, how can I have 3 positive HPT from different brands and now all negative????


kimb - January 11

I have gotten a neg. on frer and positive on other brands too. I am waiting a few days and going to test again I guess. Try another brand. I don't think frer is as sensitive as they say.


m - January 11

First response seems to be the only test I keep getting a positive line on.


Mzwest83 - June 26

Hi M! I am am the same boat as you are with the test! I have had a BFP with the FRER test which in the past 1 year I have never had a evap line. This BFP was very light though. Let me know how your story turned out. My DH and I just started seeing a fertility doctor this month



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