First Response Pregnancy Test

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Allipie - September 23

I am 3 days late. I took a First Response test and it came back negative. The instructions say a negative result will disappear after 10 minutes however, mine is still there 24 hours later. I know itis probably wishful thinking but, had to ask if anyone has experienced this. I have no symptoms of pg or af ... so who knows. I am never late but, I think I am wishful thinking too hard.


Julie - September 23

I'm confused how a negative result can "disappear after 10 minutes", because negative result means there isn't a second line. The control line means you did the test right, and if there is another line, then you're pregnant. I've taken loads of first response tests in the last few days, and none of my positives have dissappeared.


allipie - September 23

The instructions say a negative result will disappear after 10 minutes but a positive result will still be visible for 48 hours. So you are saying the control line will remain regardless or pos or neg.


to allipie - September 24

Allipie- I am not sure why your line would have disappeared?? I have taken several first response tests, and when I got stayed negative for a while. if you have another test....just retest.


David - October 2

I think the instructions actually say "A negative result should not be read after 10 minutes" which means after 10 minutes just because the result _looks_ negative, that doesn't necessary mean you're not pregnant. That's because the second line could have faded enough that it just looks like it isn't there. So, after 10 minutes, you can still trust the reading if it looks positive, but don't trust it if it looks negative.


Trina - October 3

I think what they mean...when they say a negative will a false positive. If it shows positive and then disappears soon after. Thats actually a negative.


David - October 9

I don't believe what Trina said is correct. A negative will NOT turn into a false positive. If the second line is not there after three minutes (i.e. a negative result), it's not going to suddenly appear after 10 minutes. (If you ever see a second line, no matter how faint, that's a true positive.) Look at the directions again. I'm fairly certain it does not say a negative result "will disappear." Rather it says you "should not read a negative result" after 10 minutes. In other words, if it has been 10 minutes, and the second line is not there, don't take that to mean it's a negative result. The second line could have been there and just faded away after 10 minutes.


sad - October 9

umm david that is not true. first response pregnancy tests have a bad rep for giving false posivites. if you get a postive and then it fades away it is considered a negative. i had this happen only yesterday and i went on and thats what they said. i also used a different brand and got a flat out negative, so i know i am not pregnant. but a negative shouldnt fade away in 10 minutes, it should still be there for a while. if you have any questions about pregnancy tests then you should try, it is very helpful. well goodluck!


David - October 10

Thanks for the link to 'sad' -- it looks like there's lots of good information there. I won't claim to know how and when "false positives" happen. I'm just trying to address the original poster's question about a negative "disappearing." The First Response instructions that came with our test don't say anything about a negative disappearing, they just say not to read a result as negative after 10 minutes. In 'allipie's case, if the second line was not present at 3 min, and the second line never appeared within the following 7 min, then First Response says that she is not pregnant. Whatever happens to the stick after 10 minutes should be disregarded.



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