First Response Test Issues

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Teena T - February 24

Hello, has anyone had false negatives with First Response early pregnancy test? I took it 3 days before expecting af (along with an Equate test) and both were negative. I can't help feeling that I'm pregnant though.


Isa - February 24

Hi Teena. I was so glad to see your question on this forum. I am 2-3 days late and am a 27-28 day cycle girl. I took a HPT yesterday morning (clear blue, I think) and only got a faint line after about 30 minutes and I know they have a reputation of showing false positives. Anyway I bought First Response yesterday afternoon and tried it there and then and absolutely no line on the screen. I thought if I had any HCG n my system it would pick it up. I wanted to try again this morning but DH said to wait until tomorrow morning when we would both be together for the weekend. The waiting is killing me. But I want to tell you that I am never, ever late and I know I ovulated 16 days ago. I will let you know how I get on tomorrow. Let me know how you get on.


LN030905 - February 24

Im a period was due on monday or sign of her..been testing and nothing..started using FRER about a week ago then tried Fact Plus...all negative. I even tried one this morning and nothing. Im never late either, 28 day cycles. This is sooo frustrating..Im like..if im not going to get a darn BFP then just bring on af so that I can start trying again!


natasha - February 24

lol, welll, i didnt even know when to expect my period because i never track it, oops, lol, but ive been off the depo and trying for 3 months, and last sunday i said hey lets take a test jus to see, i was curios andddd by my surpirseee the clear blue said positive, i couldnt beleive it, the next day we went and bought first respnse, another positive, blood test the day after, another positive, so yes im pregnant! but to warn you guys, ur period can be late because of stress, and alot of pregnancy symptoms can come from stress, beleive me, i went through it, thats why i had no reason to take the test except for the fact that we have been trying for 3 months and i just decided to check! lol. but if you feel pregnant and uve had symptoms but ur tests came negative it could be too early or you coul dbe the type that probably wont find out until your like 3 months pregnant, some girls ive learned on here dont ifnd out unless they have a ultra sound! weird i kno, but possible, so check with your doctor, and if a blood test still comes negative they can order some other test which measures exactly how much hcg you have whether it be alot or none! good luck girlies!


Teena T - February 24

Isa, Thanks for your response!! I am a 29-30 day cycle and FR was negative. I'll try again early next week and let you know. Good Luck to you!!! Please keep me updated. The faint line on the Clear Blue sounds promising for you!!


Teena T - February 24

LN030905, It would be sooo easy to become a testaholic. I feel for you. I did a search on the forum for First Response and found that a lot of people didn't get positives until af over 3 days late. Good Luck to you!!!


goldenangel82000 - February 25

I am in the same boat, but i swear i am pregnant


Isa - February 25

Hi girls, well here's the update. I thought I was getting AF yesterday afternoon, some brown discharge when I wiped (sorry for the TMI) so I decided not to test this morning. Then I changed my mind after I'd been to the loo, so waited 3 hours and tested with First Response and a BFN. Also, no further signs of AF. Am so confused but will keep you posted. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of you. What symptoms are you having? Good Luck next week with your test Teena!


southern_starr19 - February 26

Hey everyone, I am having the same problems with First Response. I have never felt the way I do before. I have been constantly nauseous the last week, tired, lower back pain, twinges in my lower left side, and just strange feeling all over. I am 12 dpo and af is due on the 28th. I took one of the tests yesterday and it came up negative. Do you think its accurate? I have decided to wait and see if I get my period and then if I dont I will test again ( so hopefully I wont continue to waste my money!). What do ya'll think?


natasha - February 26

maybe its too early, or ur symptoms could be stress! period can be late because of stress. so wait a few days n test again, if its still negative maybe its just too early to detect! go to your doctor! i knew i was because i get hungrey more i had an eating habbit like certain times b___tt lol i just been wanting to eat way before its time for dinner! i did miss my period, my bellys getting bigger , my b___sts have been sooo sore for a few months now. andd i have mood swings lol, my poor bf! so if u get any of those symptomsu just might be pregnant! oh yea, and blemishes too! good luck!


Teena T - February 27

Hello All... update from me too. AF came yesterday. I swear things felt so different this time. Good Luck to you gals!! goldenangel82000 and Isa..keep me updated...don't be afraid to if things turn out well. I'll still be happy for you!! :)


Teena T - February 27

southern_starr19, sorry I forgot to address you!! I have heard of many folks who were right when the test was wrong. I would wait a day or two (if you and retest. I'm always so anxious that I end up doing 10 tests and wasting a lot of moula before AF comes... Good Luck!!!


HannahBaby - February 28

first response is usually very accurate unless you ovulate later that you think and your hormones arent high enought. i wouldnet trust any other test


Gem - February 28

I tested four days before Af was due and got BFP so they worked ok for me but you may have lower HCG levels than me so test again if AF doesn't show.


Isa - February 28

Hi everyone, well AF came on Saturday night so it looks as if First Response was correct after all. To be honest I am a bit relieved as I was cramping slightly from last Monday night and was apprehensive even if I was pregnant as I have already had two miscarraiges. I have made an appointment with my doctor to talk about IVF (hopefully we can afford to get it done - also I'm 36 so I don't want to risk waiting too much longer). I wish all of you well and good luck next month Teena T.


Greg - March 1

My girlfriend took four First Response tests. The first one was negative, the second positive and the last two negative. How is this possible?


LaurynF - June 20

How long did you ladies wait to take a test after the last time you had sex? My husband and I have been trying to conceive for about a month now and I'm not sure how long to wait to test after sex. I was thinking about 2 days, should I wait longer?



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