Gave Birth 24 Days Ago Pregnant Again

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Skyfeather - May 12

I just gave birth April 18th 2005. I ended up having s_x five days later and possiably about five more times since then with my husband. We were extremely careful since I havent started the depo yet. (Not till my six week check up) The other night I felt sick and I began to worry. It went away about eight minutes later which reminded me of my early stage of pregnancy. I do know you can get pregnant right after giving birth but my question is how soon will a home pregnancy test be effective? Wont my already messed up hormonal levels from just giving birth effect the test? I plan on waiting to continue marital rights untill after my six week check up (may 25th) But that wont help if its already happened. Does anyone know if a home pregnancy test will be worth a shot or should I just wait?


superbadchick - May 12

i m not sure a test would work because it may detect hcg from your last pregnancy still & give you a false positive. i would go to the doctor.


Heather - May 13

I'm just shocked you felt like having s_x let alone had the time. There was no way I was going to after my first maybe after my second. Are you b___st feeding? IF you are then the chances are alot lower but still possible. I would agree that your doctor is the only help for that answer. Please let us know what she/he says about having s_x so soon after bith.


Skyfeather - May 13

My appt isnt till the 25th so Ill have to wait. I didnt think Id want to have s_x for a long ime but once I got to go home the urge was at full blast and I wasnt sore or anything. And hubby was more then willing. I did b___st feed till the 3rd/4th but my daughter didnt come home till late that tuesday so we didnt have any interuptions till then at night. Im not sure if I went into a period or not- I just sort of had spotting since delivery. I havent mentioned any of my thoughts about this to hubby. I mean today we celebrated his daughters 1st birthday (was a blast watching her smear cake all over herself) We want to have around 4-5 children and possiably adopt two in the future but not at the moment. We'd like to wait 3-5 years for another one.



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