Going On 4th Missed Period

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jules1985 - June 15

Hey everyone, Not sure how many other people are having the same problem...if anyone is at all! I am going on my 4th missed period (last period was Feb 20th)....multiple HPT's all come back negative, had blood test done mid April and that was negative as well. Not sure what is going on!! Very bloated and stomach is starting to feel hard (not the usual), fatigue, some minor cramping, etc. Has anyone else gone through this and wound up being pregnant?? Thanks in advance for your time and advice!


HappyAsh - June 17

did you just recently get off the pill?


amyloran - June 17

im going through something similar and going nuts about it all. I have missed 3 periods and all test have been negative i havent had a blood test, as my doctor is not being too helpful at the moment. Anyways, i have put weight on and my lower tummy is hardening. My b___bs/nipples are red raw and swollen. I just want an answer now, im starting to worry something else could be wrong. Everything was regular before, although my last period was late, very unusual to my usual flow and very painful. any ideas? should i be pushing my doctor and what for? she says to wait another month!!! please help!!


kimberly - June 18

Amy, I replied to your post on another thread. I know it is not unheard of for a women to not know she was pregnant and be 4 months along, but it is rare to not know yet. I could feel my baby move at 4 months and to me seems it would have been impossible to not know I was pregnant, but that being said it has happened. I don't know why test show negative for some women but don't for most, but I do know that is also rare, to get a negative and really be pregnant. I think you should try for a blood test if it is negative you need to find out what is causing the lack of periods. PCOS, hormonal imbalances, stress, thyrhoid issues, hypothalamus problems, all can cause late or no periods other than pregnancy.


amyloran - June 18

Thanks Kimberly, really appreciate the feedback. ive managed to push the docs for an appointment for tuesday and ive pushed that whatever tests need to be carried out should start sooner rather than later. Thanks again.


kitty22 - July 31

I missed over 4 periods and all my HPT and blood test came back negative and doctors won't give me an ultrasound because of the test. It true some women will get a negative pregnancy test and is pregnant. I was tested for a lot of cause and everything came back normal but now my stomach got rounder and I feel movements and by my LMP I'm 24wks along and I cant trust doctors now because the all say " your not pregnant" without giving an ultrasound to check. I know in my heart and body that there a baby in there but doctors look at the test result and think there 100% right but we know our body they don't. I hope you found out what going on with you.


Reallyready09 - August 20

Hi everyone just wanted to share my story. Going back many years ago my i did about 12 pt at my gp's all came back negative, i would visit my gp on a regular basis to take a test but only got negative results. I insisted to my gp i was pregnant and begged for an u/s which she eventually agreed to and i was 4 months pregnant and had a healthy DD.


jules1985 - September 1

Hey guys, thank you all for your responses! -HappyAsh: I have been off of the pill since January I went to a new doctor mid June and she gave me the usual tests, blood and urine. Both came back negative. They also tested my hormones and other things, but everything came back normal as well. She then ordered an ultrasound, but nothing showed up there. Her diagnosis...go back on the pill!!! Ya thanks, now that I can see how screwed up my body became from being on it all those years! So I am hoping that this jump starts my cycle and then I can go back off. If not she will book me in with a gynecologist to continue on with the tests! So thank you again everyone for your input, and all the best in babyland! Julie


nursemel0330 - September 8

After not having 2 periods in a row (was on birth control at the time), I took a HPT (negative). Waiting another month, nothing... went to my OB/GYN, we stopped my pill... nothing after 2 months. She gave me Provera challenge (take for prescribed amount of time, and should get a withdrawal bleed) which didn't work and then a Prometrium challenge (again, didn't produce menses). I then had an MRI which showed a pituitary tumor - I had off and on for the past 3-4 years had slightly high levels of prolactin, but nothing too out of whack (or it always went back to normal for a repeat blood test). I haven't had a period since December 2008... Now, the MOST interesting part of all of this is that - still no period - was having some cramping (pretty bad at times) and, because severe cramping was what prompted me to seek treatment and find out I was pregnant with my son 5 years ago - I just thought, who knows? Maybe I should take a pregnancy test. Both have been positive - 2nd one more evident than the 1st - but I'm worried about it being a big tease/let down. If you haven't had a period for several months - especially if you are experiencing abdominal distention or firmness - GET CHECKED OUT!!! Especially if you are, in fact, pregnant - insufficienct HCG levels could be a problem (and producing negative pregnancy tests), but there are so many other things that could be going on. By 4 months wouldn't you have been starting to receive prenatal care anyway? Your physician or midwife would be able to verify your pregnancy status or address something else that could be causing your symptoms. Good luck! I hope this helped.



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