Got A BFP But Want To Try A Digital Test

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jj - June 22

Hey I got 2 + with CVS + - Brand. I really want to try one of the digital EPT test. I hear it takes more hcg hormone for those to be ' pregnant' Has anyone gotten positive line hpts and negitive digital ones? any info would be great!


jj - June 23



Christine - June 23

jj, i took two +/- tests, i think first response and they both came out positive. that wasn't enough for me, so bought the ept that you desceibed above and it clearly came out pregnant. last month i took it and it said not pregnant, so i know they work. i'm about 5 1/2 weeks now and will see the doctor next week. i'm curious about if the ept digital takes more hcg hormone. does anyone know?


jj - June 23

Christine-- thnx for responding. I went out and got a clearblue digital. It came with 2 test. I took one right when I got home it said ' pregnant' and then i took the other about 10 mins ago and it said 'pregnant' also. So i know I am pregnant but what you wrote confused me. You said the first one said you were pregnant and the second one said you were not? and then you said so you know they work... so i dont understand that. haha sorry. but babydust to you and ill check in a while to see if you have replied


Christine - June 24

sorry for the confusion. with my last period i took the digital test cause i thought i might be pregnant, but it came out clearly saying not pregnatn. when i took it this time, i came out as pregnant. that's what i meant by i know they work cause it told me when i wasn't and then when i was. hope i didn't confuse you and good luck!


jj - June 24

christine-- hey sorry haha I get it now!! well congrats on your pregnacy!!! How far along are you ?


Christine - June 24

I'm guessing i'm about 5 1/2 weeks. I go to my first appt. on Wed.


shonta - November 14

how do i no im pregnet


!!!!!!!!!!!!! - November 15

I used the ept digital and got false positives Two of them.



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