Has Any1 Missed Two Periods Yet And Still

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me - January 31

i have missed two periods and have taken over ten hpts and three blood tests,, all have been negative. I have all the symptoms and at this point i think im crzy. B--t tenderness started back in november and i still have it some days are worse than others. From nov to dec i had extreme nausea but now it just comes and goes. I have thrown up twice this month so far also im beginning to think i feel flutters but im not sure..:(( please someone helppppppppppp


SugarPie - February 1

Count me in. I was due for a period on the 28th. Nada.I have so many symptoms. And I haven't had a period since November 28th. I don't even have signs of a period coming. I should bite the bullet and make an appt. with my doctor.


me - February 2

unfortunately the doctor has disappointed me .lol. I mean ive gone in and had three blood tests and still negative. Doctor told me in nov it could be a failed pregancy but umm , wouldnt i have a period by now???? and why i am getting bigger? its just too confusing and im going on missing the third period on the sixth of feb. ah well the waiting game once again.....:(


Crissy - February 3

Hey girlies! My last period was 11/19 and i havent seen it since. I've taken 10 home preg. tests all neg. dr. appt. next week for a blood test hopefully he can clear this up.


SugarPie - February 3

Wow, Chrissy. Let us know what happens!! Btw. I have a question to anyone who hasn't had a period since November: Are your ribs hurting? I know it sounds like a strange question, but my upper stomach (where my ribs are) is literally burning. It feels like it's separating in the front and the back. Is this even normal?!! I can't get over the pain. I need baby dust luck as I make this appointment.


Tara - February 3

SugarPie, I have never heard of that but i wish you luk and send lots of ****baby dust****baby dust*** your way let us know when you hear.


me - February 4

just wanted to say that the line on the bottom is getting darker on my belly. And my b___stsss ughhh they are huge. Im walking around with p___no b___bs lmfaooo. Well anyways, im still working on getting an ultrasound and will keep u updated......


C - February 12

I have missed two periods, if preg I would be ten weeks in four days. did tests up until 7 weeks 2 days all negative, haven't done one since, scared of result I guess. Have sore, swollen b___sts, slight nausea on and off, tiredness. Went doctors at seven weeks told me to come back in three weeks, which would when I'd miss third period. Something tells me my period isn't going to come, I have never missed a period before. I would really like to know what happens to you all, even if you do start to bleed, although I'm sure its the last thing on our minds logging in to tell everyone our disappointing news, but for me I'd like to know it, reality check or holding out hope, anyway must stop rattling on.


AHAVA - February 22

is there a SYNDROME of us ladies with no periods,and big t_tties? lol:: and are all doctors silly? I think the only way to see if we are preggers or not is for a scan"! DEMAND DEMAND and dont stop till the fight is WON!!!! ~BABY DUST ON ALL


shawn - February 22

oh my gosh, I am exactly the same way. I have missed 2 periods, and taken dozens of home pregnancy test that have come up negative, I have the symptoms that u have, but I dont lnow whats going on. My friend told me it may be an ectopic pregnancy, buut I have not checked it out with my doc yet so I dont know.


Erica - July 16

Hey guys, I've missed two periods as well. I was supposed to get mines every 12th and no sign. my stomach looking kinda bloated since i gained weight so it messess wityh my head. lol. i've taken 3 preg tests and all neg. i used first response. i've been getting sharp pains like cramps in my lower abdomen.


Crimson - July 27

i have missed my period two months now as well. I have taken 4 pregnancy tests and all were negative, but my mom had that problem when she was pregnant with my brother. Pregnancy tests didn't show up for her. I have a doctors appointment scheduled, but I'm still freaking out. If I'm not pregnant, then something else is wrong. I have never had any problems like this before.



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