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babygurl63801 - December 12

i was just wondering has anyone on this site, ever tested with ept, and recieved a faint positive line, and ended up being pregnant? because i recieved one of them this afternoon, when i tested. i will try to retest in the morning with the first urine!! if anyone has any advice, please let me know, thanks!!!


Friend - December 13

yes I have. I was 4-5 weeks along. Ijust means you are early more than liklely. Have a blood test done to be sure.


babygurl63801 - December 14

My Friend--Thanks so much for your reply,,I am schedualed to have a blood test done on Thursday, thanks for your imput tho, it means alot!!!


Friend - December 20

How are things for you?Let me Know how you are doing.


Lori - December 20

Well i tested and it was negetive.Then i looked at it later and there was a very faint line there.I really need to know this also if i could be i want this so bad.


lori - December 20

Hearingwhat friend said makes me really happy


Vera - December 20

Babygurl... I have aways had very faint lines on my hpts. I have 2 daughters now, and am currently 8 wks preg with our 3rd child, always been very faint... never dark for me! Good luck!!!


Friend - December 21

Lori, Keep your hopes up, My HPT lines were also very light and I am now almost 11 weeks along. My positive line was very faint. Like I said I was 4-5 weeks along then. It says in the paper for the test that it dose not matter how faint a positive line is if it is positive you are pregnant. It is more likely that a negative result would be wrong then a positive result. Good Luck to you!!


Zara - December 21

Friend and vera just a question, how many weeks were you pregnant before you had a positive? Thanks


Vera - December 21

Zara I think I was about 4 weeks preg. I would get my positive the day my period was due, even though I did the "test 4 days before" tests, I never got my positives until the day I was due for af. Some women, however, do get their positives before af is due. I guess it really just depends on the woman and her body. Sometimes the hgc hormone is stronger for some women in the beginning, causing them to get their positive sooner. That's what I think anyhow...but I'm no doctor. lol


Zara - December 21

Thanks Vera, i tried those 4 days early test and and after my AF was due and still all negative. Those test companies have really got a lot out of my obsession with doing a test i should get a discount from now on. Thanks vera :)



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