Has Anyone Used An OPK To Test For Pregnancy

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tonia - June 10

I am 10dpiu and I used FMU to test with an answer OPK this morning, it was very + right away! Since this morning I have tested two more times and same result, very +. I would like to test with an HPT tomorrow morning, but I am curious if any one else has done this and ended up with a BFP ona an HPT?


Suzy0117 - June 11

After going to www.peeonastick.com (a great, really informative website), I became really interested in the same thing. I just found out two days ago that I'm pregnant, and I had some leftover OPK's, so I tried one out. Sure enough, positive! For me, it was just curiosity to see what would happen because what else am I going to do with a leftover OPK? lol Good luck with your hpt - hope it's BFP!!


tonia - June 11

Hey Suzy, what dpo were you when you got your HPT BFP? did you do the OPK test after you got your BFP? I am only 11dpiui so I think it is too early to test with an HPT.


Suzy0117 - June 12

I think I was about 10 or 11 dpo when I got my bfp, but I'm not 100% positive. I did take the OPK after I got my positive HPT, so maybe about 13 dpo or so...? It's tough to say whether 11dpiui would be too early or not since my guess is that it would be right on the borderline. You might want to wait until your next mp is due just to be sure that you get the most "accurate" result.


Leilani14 - June 12

Hi! I tried OPK as HPT. I got my BFP on 12dpo. Didn't test earlier. So just out of curiositi I wanted to see if OPK will turn out positive too, and it sure did. If you have regular cycles and no PCOS or some other disorder that causes yout LH to be elevated during whole cycle then positive OPK may be a good prediction for positive HPT. But until you test on HPT you can't be sure. Sending a lot of baby dust your way, and hope you get your BFP soon.


tonia - June 12

Thank you leilani, I am now at 12dpiui and I have been still testing + on the OPK's and looking forward to a + HPT. My HPT was BFN this morning, maybe too early for yet? I do not have PCOS as far as I know, or any other hormone disorders, as far as I know. I have been under the care of my dr so he would have told me if I had PCOS, I think?


Suzy0117 - June 12

Keep us posted, Tonia!



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