Has This Happened To Anyone Before

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JiLL - February 14

I was expecting af Feb 1st and didnt get it. I AM ALWAYS ON TIME FOR AF. I had no Af symtoms like acne, increased appit_te and gas. All I had was the usual minor bloating, which I usually get at times. Then on Feb 6 I had light brown and later pink spotting. I was sure that it was not a period, since I had no PMS symtoms and the flow did not take up a pad or a tampon, only about a few spots. The brown and pink lasted for 4 days. Now I have acne, rounder br___ts and naseua. I took 2 today test but they were faint negative. Maybe the test did not work right, and maybe I am pregnant. Any advice?


crackersforme - February 15

This is exactly like me. I was due the 2nd, spotted for a day & 1/2 or two VERY lightly (mostly into the toilet when I urinated...sorry if TMI) on the 8th & 9th & am still testing negative. My symptoms are all still here except the b___st tenderness, which went away. My spotting started out almost black & then went to a dark reddish brown & then back to brown.


Vane7997 - February 15

Hi girls, thank god for this site! I have read all of your postings and they're very similar to mine. I am 3 days late, I have had minor cramps but NOTHING like my usual torture cramps. I have been under some stress but even still with stress my period is never late. I took a test and it was negative, maybe it's too early to tell. The weird thing is my mom went to a psychic and she told her that I was going to have a baby, I wanted to see if it was true, I went to a different place myself and she told me the same exact thing. I don't normally believe in this stuff but now I'm sort of considering it might be true. Should I take another test? Sugarb8b at AOL ?


srhoades - February 15

Hi Ladies! I want to suggest you all go get a blood test. One of my friends is pregnant (7 weeks) and you are describing EXACTLY what she was decribing what she experienced. It is called implantation bleeding. It might just be too early for a positive to be showing up on a HCG test. And when my mom was pregnant with me, she never had a positive HCG test.


crackersforme - February 15

srhoades - I'll be two weeks late tomorrow.....do you really think I could still be pregnant?? I tested yesterday morning with a dollar store test & got a bfn. I'd hate to go get a blood test (if they will even do it as they give you the urine test first & if that comes out negative...they might refuse to give me a blood) & have it come up negative too.....your friend never tested positive on a hpt?


Megan828 - February 17

Jill Same thing here. I was supposed to start on the 1st and I didn't . I am NEVER late. I have felt nauseous the last few days. I went to the doctor and took a blood test and it came out negative. I am having an ultra sound done on the 26th. I feel pregnant, I really think I am!!!


crackersforme - February 17

Well ladies....I took another dollar store test this morning (two weeks & a day late) & it was another bfn. I'm not sure what's going on, but I really don't think I'm pregnant...it should have showed up by now.


Megan828 - February 18

I took another test this morn and it was negative. I am not as sick as I was last week. I wonder if this has happened to anyone before. Yesterday I was really sensitive and snapped at everything. Friday, I was nauseous all day, evening throwing up Friday morn. My back hurts, but not my lower back it's like the middle of my back. I just want to know, I'm starting to feel that it might be in my head, but then again your head can't make your back spasm and can't make you throw up either!!!!! This is so frustrating!


crackersforme - February 18

Megan...I'm in the same boat as you....be sure to let us know what the doctor says on the 26th.


Megan828 - February 22

I am starting to feel so stupid about not starting and I can't wait to find out on Monday. My mom has been looking at Maternity clothes and things for nursery. I hope I am not totally out of my mind. I took another HPT and it was -. My u/s is on Monday! I'm have called to move it up but they won't. Has anybody gotten any news??


crackersforme - February 22

No news from me...tested negative again the other day at 20 days late.


ErickaAnne - February 23

EVERYONE!!!!!! TAKE A DROP TEST!!!!!! Its the most accurate test. A faint line is YES, a positive. I had the same thing happen to me but the drop test is the best way to go. GO TO THE DOCTOR TO GET CONFIRMED! TAKE PRENATAL PILLS!!!! GOOD LUCK AND CONGRATS!!!!!!!


crackersforme - February 23

Not to sound stupid....but what's a DROP test? Is that another name for Blood test?


farnanlm - February 23

I don't know what a dropp test is either. Anyone know?


crackersforme - February 23

farnanlm...on one of the other posts on this site -- she said that a drop test is the tests like the dollar store tests, where you use a dropper to put the urine in the little hole. I was really confused as I've never heard them called that before!!


Megan828 - February 23

look up drop pregnancy test on google it tells you how you can use your blood to test on the drop test


Megan828 - February 23

Hey I found the real name. They are called ca__sette test. It has a dropper to use for the test, they are cheap!



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