Have Anyone Ever Had A Neg Blood Test Amp Pregnant

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Just wondering - April 26

Can you please tell your story. I can use some help.


Jenice - April 26

Sorry, I can't answer your question, because I'm wondering the same thing! I know there are some women out there who have, but it would be comforting to hear their stories again, wouldn't it? So far, I am 11 weeks late for af, and have taken countless hpt's, and had 3 urine tests at the dr's; all of which have been negative. I just went for a blood test on Friday, so I will let you know what ends up happening! (cross your fingers for me!!)


Just wondering - April 26

Hi,Jenice I took a blood test on friday and it was neg. Just wondering if a blood test can turn out wrong. I'm not ttc, but have all the pregnancy signs and was shocked when it was neg. I have been pregnant before so I know what pregnancy feel like. Just feeling a little nuts. I hope you get the answer you want!! Good luck


Monique - April 26

Here is my situtation. I am now 19 DAYS LATE!!!!! My LMP was on March 11/05. Last week, I took 3 HPT (ClearBlue, not digital). Tuesday's test showed a very faint positive, so I took the 3rd one on Friday morning (04/22)...Had another faint Positive (but a bit clearer than Tuesday's)....So, on that Friday, I went to see my family Dr., who made me take one of their urine test and Blood Test (quant_tive...result was -2...don't know what that means...), Both came out Negative....Still no period, so I took another HPT (used First Response this time) this morning (Monday, April 25/05)....and it came out Negative......Saw another Dr Monday for a regular scheduled Pap Test who also told me that there was not way I was PGNT....Same as my Family Dr....they keep insisting that the tests, especially the Blood Tests, are soooooooooooo Acurate....and that if I was PGNT, I would have that HCG hormone in my blood stream........I AM SOOO CONFUSED....I am feeling nauseous a bit throughout the day, very sore nipples to the touch, and I keep having A LOT OF TINGLING sensations in my lower Belly....sometimes it feels like gas, but nothing "happens".....it just keeps on tingling....I sometimes feel like my periods are gonna start, but they don't...I am emotional and have daily headaches (which I NEVER have), but that can be due to all of the stress and confusion I guess........I just don't know who or what to believe...Dr's kinda make me think I'm imagining this......Maybe i'm not, but I REALLY FEEL DIFFERENT........I also bought another kind of HPT (I tried ClearBlue, got faint positives x2, I tried First Response, got negative.....) If @ the end of this week, still no period, I will try ClearBlue Digital.......I just don't know what to believe....I kinda agree with them in a way that if you are PGNT, It would show in the Blood Tests for sure....but the stories I've read @ www.pregnancy-info.net/QA/answers-7_weeks_late_still_negative_htp_s_/ tell encouraging stories about this situation....I just don't get it, medically, how it won't show in blood tests, but over counter HPT it will ???


Just wondering - April 26

I just read the post about Mandy. Thats crazy. I have never heard of that before. I thought once you test negative you're not pregnant. How could that happen? Jenice have you got your results back? Monique what is your next step? Baby Dust!


Monique - April 26

To-just wondering.......My next step is patiently waiting for either my period, or a Positive result.....(hopefully a +++ result) I will be taking yet another HPT on either Thursday morning or Friday (knowing me, probably Thursday)....let's all keep our fingers crossed....there has got to be an explaination for this very late period (20 days late Wednesday 04/27)....how about you?? Anyone else has a response too??


kelly - April 26

Hi girls, I am in the same boat! i have done one blood test and 3 hpt's, all neg. I am going tomorrow for another blood test. So far I am 21 days late, Jenice I can't imagine what you're going through!!! I don't really feel pregnant, but I haven't been pregnant before. My b___bs aren't sore, but they do feel sort of big and hot. In the morning I feel cramps like I am going to start my period soon, but then it never comes.... I feel a little tired but it could just be from work. So really I have no idea what to expect. I am expecting the test to be neg because they've been neg all along, I think a + would make my fall off my chair! But after reading some of the posts in other boards (like Mandy's) I know that anything is possible. Keep us all updated!


Just wondering - April 26

I'm going to ask for a u/s. That will be my next step. I hope everything works out. Keep in touch


kelly - April 28

Got blood tests back today, still negative!! Now I am about 27 days late. I am going for an ultrasound next Wednesday so hopefully I will find out what (if anything) is going on down there. Haven't had any crampy feelings lately, but have these great b___bs all of a sudden! YAY! And a facefull of zits (Boo), hopefully a period is on its' way. That is one phrase I never thought I would say! haha. What's going on with everyone else?


Jenice - April 28

Well, I still haven't gotten my results back yet (small town=slow lab!), but I will let you know once I do. But this week my belly is harder, and even my husband has noticed that my b___sts are bigger (between them and my gut, my whole center of balance is off!), and now they're sore too. (Boo.) I wake up tired and hungry...(oooh, this is so much fun.) Wondering, have you found out what is going on with you yet??


JUDY H. - April 30

Well, I think I have read every symptom and outcome possible on this sight. I too am playing this wait and see who is right game. I am a mother of two and very body concious. I feel pregnant and have all the symptoms. I have even had the light spotting and the brown discharge with light bleeding but no cramping. This came on the day before my monthly was to start. My bleeding lasted 1 day not enough to say it was a period, just dark blood. Then back to brown discharge upon wiping. I have taken home tests and all are negative. Went to my jack in the box doc who said let me check to see if you have anemia and let me check your thyroids and cholesterol.....I asked for a pregnancy test by blood and he complied, but did a qualitative test not quanitative. Needless to say it was all NEGATIVE! Here I am feeling like I am mental, cause I feel pregnant, look pregnant body wise interms of the darkened areolas, and pudgy abdomin that is hardening plus all the other symtoms of head aches, nausea, great sense of smell and change in apet_te and tollerance. I will go to see an OB/GYN next week and request an ultrasound. I was not trying to get pregnant, but.......It would be nice, to expreience it again. So I am not imaginig these symptoms. Am I?


s_xymamaof2 - April 30

hi...i am expecting results of a blood test anytime. i have only ovulated 2 since sept so dr put me on clomid took 50mg 2x and this month took 100mg. i had blood drawn on 21st day (yesterday)...does anyone know what the progesterone level should be if i am preg....i want it so bad...i feel tired have headaches feel heavier and my b___bs hurt...i also feel like i have cramps every once in a while...does anyone know if this is a sign of pregnancy?


Just wondering - April 30

Monique!!!! How are you doing? Let me know


Monique - May 1

TO JUST WONDERING........24 DAYS LATE...still no show...Did a couple of HPT again this week (so far, took a total of 7 HPT, 1 dr's urine...all were neg...)...Went to the E.R. on Friday, had blood test again (total of 2 blood tests, all negative)....At least this doctor was friendly and helpfull....I am having an ULTRASOUND done this coming week (hopefully I'll get an answer this week)...the suspense is killing me, but I changed my way of thinking in order to keep my thoughts busy...if i'm pgnt, it'll eventually show.....Still having more symptoms (nauseous in the evenings now, ALOT of tingling & burning feelings in my lower abdominal area, sore nipples, extrememly fatigued, headaches-which i never use to have, white creamy discharge....etc) So, I really don't know what's going on....Hopefully I'll get all of my answers this week!!! What is your current situation?? Are you going for an u/s also?? Keep me updated!!! (What is your first name??)Good luck to us all :)


s_xymamaof2 - May 2

to just owndering...what has happened. i feel the same way you do...i took a blood test friday and it came back neg but i am tired, feel heavy, my bbobs hurt...i have two others so i know the feelings...have you found out if a blood test can be negative?


Katie - May 6

I've never been pregnant. I'm on Aleese BCP, 2nd month. First month, I had absolutely no symptoms unlike Ortho-Trycyclin which gave me muscular pain in the chest and vomit the first pill each month (was on it for 3 months before I changed to Aleese) Anyway, my last menses was on 4/13, had it for 2 days & very light which is unusual for me (normally have it 5 days) then a week later I had tender swollen b___sts, nipples almost hurt to the touch, tingling sensation, stomach would bloat, always hungry but nauseous the same time, very sleepy, extreme fatigue, been missing work, have headaches, light-headed, and metalic taste in mouth, etc....Dr. says I have a benign ovarian cyst and mild v____al infection and that shouldn't cause my symptoms that I'm experiencing...My urine and blood HCG came out negative and the Gyno believes it couldn't be an ectopic or normal pregnancy cause the tests are very accurate even though, I'm not due for my period for another week. I don't know what's wrong, these symptoms are definitely different from any that I've experienced in the past, if anyone could give me advice on to what I should do, oh-yeah, and today I get sharp deep v____al pain along with a little what looks like old blood in the discharge, not much though, just interesting because everything comes out negative and technically I'm just fine, but I don't feel it. Could I still be pregnant or is it some G.I. problem?! Help. Thanks.


Katie - May 6

P.S. Sorry forgot to mention, I have vomitted.



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