Have You Experienced A False Positive

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Jilly - March 1

I did a test on friday and the result using a First Response test was positive, needless to say I was very excited and anxious to tell my family and friends. I showed the test to my husband and he too believed the test to be postive, there is no doubt about the line...I decided a few days later to retest to confirm the first positive. The second test was negative. Now I am more confused than ever. Have any of you experienced this? Please help.


Mary - March 1

The same thing happened to me last month. I was 6 days late and took a digital EPT Certainty test - very clearly came up PREGNANT. The second test I took (line test) showed a negative. After taking a blood test at the doctor, it was confirmed negative...It was all very frusturating. I would suggest going to the doctor for a blood test. Best of luck!


Jilly - March 1

Thank you Mary... I have an appointment on wednesday. I am very nervous but still praying for a positive. I did the first test with morning urine and the second test in the evening... not sure if that makes a difference.. I called the 800 number and the nurse stated that i should go by the first test and go see the doctor.


Melissa - March 1

I have had a two false positives one with First Response and one with Answer Early Result....First Response makes both


Mary - March 2

Jilly - did you get the answer you were hoping for??


Jilly - March 2

My doctors appointment is tomorrow...so we shall see


Danielle - May 10

I did the EPT Certainty test and it was a 3 pack. I did the first test at 12:30 in the afternoon and it was NOT PREGNANT, so I decided to take the other one with my first morning urine. I got up at 5:15 am and did the test and it very clearly said PREGNANT. I wanted to keep the result, but didn't realize the words disappear after it has been on a while. So, I did the last test and it came up PREGNANT too, so I took a picture of that one. I went to the dr on Sunday and they did a blood test and the blood test came back negative. I still haven't started and I am 8 days late. I too called all my friends and family, excited about my good news only to have to call them back and tell them the tests were wrong. It has all been very heartbreaking!! I don't plan on relying on those HPT anymore!! My husband called the 800 number on the box to find out how it could give a false positive, but they could only give him 3 reasons. 1. fertility shots 2. abortion in the last 9 days and 3. miscarriage in the last 9 days. I haven't had any of those, and they couldn't give me a reason for the false positives and said they haven't had any other complaints. I hope this help someone else from getting their heart broken the way I did! Best of luck to all of you trying to get pregnant!! :0)


coreene - May 11

I got 2 positive test results from ept certainty, I am 13 days late. I took another test that came up negative. I also had a negative test at the doctors. The doctor said I was pregnate, but that I would soon be getting my period. I hope you had better luck then me. Good luck to all!! I still have not begun my cycle yet though, I have no clue what is going on.


lalya - May 11

yes i got a positive faint line with first response and 2 negs. i was 5 days late them i came on !!!!!!!


MIchele - May 11

I tested positive with 2 first response. I got a blood test two days later and it just came back negative. I am so upset that they would even keep something on the market that gets our hopes up like this only for them to then be crushed.


CRYSTAL - May 11

wow! i thought i was the only one going through this torture. yes.. i took a clear blue easy digital read out test.it said positive. we were excited. i took another one...negative. how disappointing! - dr's test(not blood) also negative. but they said its very rare to see a false positive!!! They said I should wait 2 weeks and see if i start, if not, test again.so i stopped taking my pills(birth control) and i guess ill see if i start.


superbadchick - May 12

I did-same test too. I had 5 negatives after my positive & my period was 14 days late. Af is never late - the only 3 times I was resulted in my children - & af is usually 5-7 days. WEll, this time it was only 3, so I'm still a little confused. Apparently , First Response sucks...lol


miranda - May 16

i took 13 pregnancy tests. all different brands, i took ept(+/-), ept certainty, clear blue easy (digital), equate, and first response. all of them gave me positive. when i went to the doctor, she told me that i was negative. i am already over 1 month and a half late on my period. i was afraid to tell my parents but my mother ended up asking me . she says its a glow that pregnant women get and that i have it. i have most of the symptoms except nausea. But the blood test came out negative. and they refuse to give me an ultrasound. i dont know what else to do.


Ylo - June 16

The same thing is happening to me today. I took an Ept Digital Test and the result was PREGNANT, then I went to the clinic and they said it was negative.. I have taken the test 1 week before my period though.. I am so confused.


Michele - June 16

I wrote a while back and reported that I took a First Response that was positive, then got a blood test which was negative. Well, it turns out I am 9 1/2 weeks pregnant and the urine test was more sensitive than the blood test.


Sue - June 16

I had a positive on a HPT and the docto'r office was already congratulating me on being pregnant and they haven't seen me yet. I just told them I had a positive HPT, now you gals responses kind of make me wonder.


Michele - June 16

I think that the bottom line is, that if your HPT is positive, then you're pregnant. Just make sure you wait enough time before you get the blood test b/c if it's too early it could come back negative, and then like me, you will falsley think you are not pregnant when in fact you are.



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