HCG In Home Hpt But Not In Quantitative Blood Test

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[email protected] - September 3

I've had numerous slight positives on hpt's and I have used different brands. The results appeared within the time frame specified and were the same colors, i.e., pink and blue, they were early pregnancy tests, sensitivity 25. This is the second month in a row that I have gotten positive results. I had a period on June 1, and now 37 days later I have no period. I do have a long cycle normally. Thinking I may be pregnant, my doctor performed a quant blood test and my serum was less than 2, indicating no pregnancy. Has this ever happened to anyone else? These hpt's are definitely positive but the blood never shows any hcg. I think my doc thinks I'm a bit nuts, but I'm just trying to get a diagnosis of pregnancy or whatever may be affecting the hcg hormone to be produced in my urine only. I have had one successful pregnancy 3/98 and one miscarriage, 2/19/04. Please reply if you can help out. THANKS!


Ananya - July 16

the same thing happened to me. i had two very faint positives on my urine pregnancy tests yet a quant_tive hcg of 2 on my blood test. my doctor's office is confused but said i should wait for my period and if it doesn't come then retest in a week. so far, i am 2 days late for my pregnancy. not to give you false hope but i have known at least two people who have had negative hpts and blood tests,only to find out that they are pregnant. so sometimes i guess the tests aren't accurate as we think they are. good luck in your journey. i know it is a long one but is also good to have validation and support from so many other women out there.


Wilda - July 30

Well...I'm going thru the same as you do. My hpt are positively faint and then my quant test was negative. I'm waiting to see what happened, but my doctor said when he performed the v____al test that I look pregnant. I'm confused and don't now what to do or what to think. I had a miscarrage 1 month and 1 week ago. I'm waiting and praying.


Kim - August 4

Is your doctor going to perform an ultrasound at some point?


Positive Hpt, Negative Blood - August 13

I, too, am going through the same thing. I had a blood test on Wednesday morning. I couldn't wait for the results and took a hpt on Friday morning and saw a faint but positive line. When my doctor called me Friday afternoon, she told me that my blood test was negative! I told her what happened and she said it very well could be that it's just that early on in the pregancy. I go for more blood next week. I'll keep you informed! I might add though that I'm not even late for my period yet. It's due in three days. Don't know if that means anything? I had a mc in Feb at 7 weeks and a chemical pregancy last month. Keeping my fingers crossed...Good Luck to you all!


me - August 18

You may have miscarried very early which is why the doctors test has come up negative.


bettybooptania - August 18

I had a similar problem I have been late for two months on my period I took 4 urine test and they were negative and I even took a blood test and it was negative but I have all the symptoms and I still have not got my period I am never late


Laura - August 23

I posted a comment on Aug. 13th. regarding a negative blood test and then getting a positive hpt two days later. Well - I took another hpt two days after the first and the line was even darker. My doc sent me for more blood work and sure enough.....they not only saw the hcg level but it doubled in the two days. I had a mc in Feb and a chemical pregnancy about two months ago. I also got the faint positive line. I called my doctor because I got the faint line and then started spotting and thought it was another mc again. They sent me for blood work and told me I was "borderline" pregnant. Meaning I was above the 2 or the 5 but not super high. I did blood work a few days later and it was back to normal. It's amazing what I've learned since I stated ttc. I wish everyone the best. Don't give up. I'll have you in my thoughts and prayers!


[email protected] - September 3

The same thing happened to me today! I had 2 very light positives on hpt, but bloodwork came back as a 4. I had never thought a false positive was possible. Doc told me to retest with hpt in 1 week if period has not started. They seemed a little mistified by it too. I am in my 4th month of clomid and hcg injections, with stage 4 endometriosis, so this is all new to me. Thanks the goodness I came across others with the same disturbing experience.


Christa - September 15

I took 2 E.P.T home pregnancy tests. Both of which came out positive(slight but positive). I then went to the dr. the next day and their urine test came back negative. I was sent to the hospital for lab and that test also came back negative. I was and still am very b__wn away by the whole situation. I guess all my husband and I can do now is wait and see.


Penny - September 18

Same boat. After realizing I was 2 weeks late, I took 2 hpt's and they both were very positive. I felt the same as I did with my first 2 children. I waited a week and a half to go to dr. He did a blood test, and told me it was just a precaution. I talked to him on Thursday and he said it was negative. He said that test was "never wrong,". Yet he could not explain the 2 positive htp's. Being the stubborn girl that I am, I had to see for myself, so my hubby got another hpt. It was very positive. I went to a laboratory the next day to get test. Not willing to wait the hour, I just got the yes/no test. It came back positive. Now what??? I took the results by ob, they called lab to retest the same blood. Now I have to wait until Monday to find out what they say. If negative, they will redraw some blood and do it again. We think the blood was switched. I feel like they think I am crazy, but I have had 3 pos hpts and 1 pos. blood test.


Penny - September 20

update to 9-18. Just got word from dr. office. My number was really high and I am pregnant. They don't know what happened at the lab. Good thing I followed my instincts and followed up on this myself. Otherwise, I might have gone back in this week to get something that would have started my period.


Darlene - October 12

I feel the same. About 2 weeks before I was to start my period, I began having b___st soreness. The morning I was supposed to start, I just spotted w/bloody discharge. Kept spotting for about 3 days after, then the flow increased until it got pretty heavy. One negative HPT the morn after I was supposed to start my cycle. A week later the HPTs had slight positive. The same with the urine test in the dr office. They did a blood test on Friday. I had cramping and b___st tenderness. The cramping went away, but the b___st tenderness remains. I am eagerly awaiting the results of the blood tests! Anyone have any similar issues?


vivian - January 7

thought i was the only one. My period was late 5 days. When i got it i only had it for a day and a half. To make a long story short. I've done 5 home pregnancy tests (EPT) all positive. 4 blood tests all negative. I'm cramping, b___sts are tender, i'm going crazy. today they did an ultrasound, and i'm waiting. why are they coming back positive dam EPT.


Leeann - March 6

Tuesday I went to the family doc. and was sent to the E.R. because I was complaining that my uterus was hurting. They did a blood test and it came out positive for pregnancy.They did another Quaint. the number was <1. Today is Sunday and I cramping and my chest is a little sore.The blood test was done 10 days after my period


deah - March 7

leeanne, i don't understand. are you saying that the first test was positive then , the same day you tested less than one? what are they saying. are you still pregnant?


Kim - March 23

I need help!! My LMP was Feb.17th (a little early and light for me but a period all the same) On Mar.10 had extremly light spotting for about 4 hours(not even enough towear pantyliner) I barely noticed it. Since then have had alot of symptoms. My b___sts and nipples hurt, they don't even look like mine! I find it very hard to eat things that I love without feeling sick, and I am craving things that I hate(like onions). Slight full almost crampy feeling in lower stomach(not painfull), heartburn, constant trips to the bathroom, tiredness for no reason, and many more that I don't have time to write. The problem is I went and had blood test done on Mar 21st that was neg.! We have been actively trying for 8 months now. Is there any possibilty that I still could be? It would have only been 2 or 3 weeks past conception I think. I really need some answers should I wait another week and try again or what any advice would help!!!



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