HCG In Home Hpt But Not In Quantitative Blood Test

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acs - August 25

yeah, i'm still getting positive bfps! although they aren't getting any darker and it's been 4 days since doc gave me my negative result. my symptoms are increasing...so, i'm starting to think my doc was wrong. if it was a chemical pregnancy, why would i still be getting bfps and symptoms??


Desirea - August 26

I have the same thing going on here right now. My hubby and i have 2 living children, and we jsut had a stillbirth in May 05, we are TTC right now, and I have had SEVERAL + HPT's, but the blood test I had yesterday was negative. I am charting my body temperature as well, and my temps are still up, I am just confused as to what is going on. How can you get so many + HPT's but a neg blood test? I have been pregnant 3 times now, so I know what it feels like to be pregnant and in all intense and purposes, I feel pregnant. Ia m so confused I don't know what to do. Hope to have some good news to update with soon! I am so sorry all of us are going through this. Prayers to you all!


uma - August 26

im totally confused i got a faint positive on 9dpo and again a faint positive on 10dpo but today on 11th dpo i got negative im having little cramping on my lower abs and back ache is it possible that test can miss hcg on 11thdpo as the levels rae low what should i do


acs - August 27

yes, it is possible the test could miss the hcg. tests very within sensitivity, even within the same brand. studies have proven that one FRER in the same package can be a lot more sensitive than another. as far as my update, i still feel pregnant too and am still getting bfps. i go to the doctor again on monday and will keep you guys posted! trust your instincts!


r - August 27

wots a v____al test and how u get one of them my docs refuse to deal with me i have had 2 missed periods.and all the cla__sics signs all neg hpts


Darla - September 4

acs - did you go to the Dr. what did they say. Anyone else find out something one way or the other? I've been reading all your posts and being that I'm in the same situation was wondering about the outcomes. Please post and let us know. I'm still in limbo after 5 BFN HPT's and a Quant_tative blood test of 2. I have a son that is 4 and I know what pg. feels like and I really feel like I am now. Also, I have never been late since I started at 13 and am now 34 except when pg w/son and I'm now 14 days late for an actual AF. I had some slight spotting at 3 & 4 days late and then at 6 days late and then nothing. I'm going to test again next Thursday 9/8 and just see what it says if I still have these same feelings. Best of Luck to all TTC!


acs - September 4

Darla, best of luck to you! It sounds promising. Well, here is my update: it turns out I'm not pregnant!! Apparently, there is a protein in my urine causing false positives...extremely rare, but there you have it. Still haven't gotten AF and still feel under the weather but docs did 2 blood tests and an ultrasound and they said i'm definitely not pregnant. I'm disappointed. Guess I can never take hpts again! Anyway, I've got my fingers crossed for you!


Desirea - September 11

Well I am back for an update. THe first HCG testing I had done was wrong. I had another test done 4 das later and my number was 353, and then 3 days later 935...3 days later 1585, and then 3 days after that it was 4800. GRETA numbers. However I had problmes and had to go to the ER, and shortly after that I had to have my Gall Bladder removed, so that was not too much fun. Before the surgery I was warned it could cause a M/C but they took every precaution to avoid that situation. In the beginning I was not spotting or anything and things were great, but then 5 days later I started bleeding heavily, and I am now in the proess of M/C this baby. Hoping for the best another time. Wishing you all the best!


Darla - September 12

Desirea, I'm so sorry! I can't imagine what you are going thru. Here's wishing all the best and the peace of knowing that God has everything in His Hands!! Acs, Sorry also about you not being PG. That's crazy about you not being able to take the HPT's. I have heard of people being like that but it's always been hearsay. I guess now I know it's true. You will get your BFP soon though!! Well.......My update is that I'm STILL in limbo. I have taken a couple more HPT's and they are all BFN. I am now 3 weeks and 1 day Iate. I feel so confused. I had a lot of clear, stretchy discharge 9/4-9/7 and then changed to white/creamy. It made me wonder if the clear was me ovulating, or maybe something to do with the mucus plug(don't know much about it). It would have been about a week early for me to be ovulating and can you ovulate when you don't have an actual period, just spot a couple of days?? .....I don't know. My b___sts are so sore when I take my bra off, I literally gasp and can't bump into my DH's back at night or anything because they hurt. My nipples are super sensitive as well, but don't seem any darker, maybe broader(areola). I tried to suck my stomach in tonight as I was getting ready for church and it freaked me out because only the top part would suck in. I had a c-section with my son so I still have a bit of a stomach pouch down low but can usually suck it in as well. It wouldn't go in tonight. I also feel so sleepy, but can't sleep at night. Usually because of the bloating which I guess is caused from me being sooooo constipated. My throat also seems to feel like it's swollen because nothing seems to want to go down good. Crazy hunh!! I don't want to go back to my OB because I'm afraid they'll think I'm being silly. I'm going to wait it out and see if either I get a BFP or AF shows when it's time. I'm trying to forget about it since I just don't see how all the tests could be wrong, but....it seems impossible, especially since I've been nauseated off and on for the past 2-3 days. AAGGHH! Here's to a BFP soon!!!


bump - September 15



Desirea - September 17

Well things change everyday. When I called my Dr on Sunday they said I was probably M/C the baby as I was bleeding quite a bit. But I went to the ER anyway. They did blood work and since my blood work was fine, they refused to do an U/S to check on the baby. Luckily when I called my Dr on Monday they had me come in to have an U/S just to see what was going on. Much to my surprise we saw a tiny baby with a HEARTBEAT!!!!! So they went searching and discovered that I have a blood clot in my uterus where the placenta is trying to attach and that is what is causeing the bleeding. I am currently on bed rest until the clot either pa__ses or gets reabsorbed. With having 2 living children, that is HARD to do. But so far so good with the baby. I was totally relieved!!!! It is true what they say. Miracles DO happen!!!


Darla - September 17

OMG Desirea, That is GREAT news!!! I know it's got to be tuff on bedrest with 2 children - I can't imagine it with my 4 yr old, but it is so worth it to make you and the baby ok!!!! You are right, miracles DO happen. Just goes to show us there's a Higher Power in control and He knows Best!! Again, I'm so happy for you. Take it easy and keep us updated!!! No news for me yet, still just waiting it out to see what AF does next week. Hopefully nothing! LOL -


suzy2shoes - September 26

I am having a problem like all of yours. I took 8 hpt tests within two days with all faint positives. ( Yes I am obbsesive! I have a 10, 9, and 7 month old.) I went to a womens clinic to get confrimation and thier test was negative. I told her that it had to be wrong and she said I was probably right. She refered me to see my regular ob. That was Friday. I went immediatly to the store and got 2 more tests. both strong positives. Today, Monday, I went to my regular ob and thier urine test was negative too!! I demanded a blood test and won't get the results for 24- 48 hours. I again took one more htp, POSITIVE!!! I have been getting positives for a week now, but negatives at the doctors office. My htps are getting darker so I asume that my levels are rising. I hope nothing is wrong. Does anyone have any advise for me?


Leslie - November 23

Girls, i need some advice. I am almost going on 6 days late. I went to day to the doctor and did a blood and urine test. the urine test of course came back (-), just like my HPT. I did the blood test, and i wanting it to be (+). I have an appointment again in 2 weeks, and i find out on MONDAY the results, of my blood test. HELP ME! i need encouragement!!!


paige - April 30

ah. the same thing pretty much happened to me. i got TWO posative HPT's, then 2 days later went to the clinic to confirm it, and got 4 negative urine tests. so i then went to the doctors to get a blood test, and that was negative too. idk what to do. at the clinic she told me that what occurred on the 22 looked like it was indeed implantation bleeding, so i'm just so confused, and i still feel pregnant. i really hope i am and it's just too early for it to show up on their tests. i guess time will tell.


Meochaaa - August 14

Today is August 14th 2015, I took 2 first response tests yesterday and both came back positive. The first one very light but it's still noticeable the second one is very noticeable. I then took another test (88 cent) and that test showed up positive as well. Today I went to the doctor and had a blood test and urine test done and they both came back negative, I was confused and didn't know what to think . The doctor told me to take a test 5-6 days from now and see if it'll come back positive, after I left the doctors office I took another one to see if the results would be negative but again it tested positive. Idk what to think , my period id supposed to come August 18th I'm just patiently waiting to see if it'll come or not . Btw I've took first response tests before and Never tested positive neither with the other brand tests as well. 



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